Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Too bored. So here's my new layout again... :)
Got it from blogskins... i thk it's quite nice gua.

Currently been watching j-drama. Dr Kotos Clinic is a nice drama thou. Shibasaki Kou is so stunning with her short hair look and her excellent acting. On the other hand, another drama which is very interesting and hilarious - Nodame Cantabile. It's a comedy and the story is related to classical music. Damn funny, i must say. This drama is my favourite among the dramas im watching currently. Ueno Juri ALSO with a short hair look which is really pretty. Even Ai Oisuka ALSO cut her hair short!! Wondering why is so many japs actress cut their hair short. Maybe it's a trend now in Jap. Have a thought in my mind too - cut my hair short short... but im scared O.o

Anyway, there's few new-released j-dramas which worth a watch, and u can review the ranting of them in half-banana's blog.

Omg omg... result is out now... *sweats*
Gotta stop here...

Monday, October 30, 2006


My heart is falling apart now,
it'd happened again and again,
but i kept convincing myself everything gonna be alrite.

Tears keep dropping,
heart keeps hurting,
by u.

Need ur comfort and care,
but i'm still alone,

Wondering, keep wondering,
if it's worth,
to wait for the miracle,
to make me shine again.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Woke up as usual in the afternoon. Had my lunch which was nice. Nothing special happened. Then watched greys anatomy season one which im still watchin since few days ago. Meredith is SO gorgeous, her voice is SO nice (sexy), her eyes is SO stunning!! Im SO into Greys Anatomy!! Speaking of other characters in GA, i like George too. I mean he's so cute, clumsy when he's with Meredith... Haa.. Wanna dl Gilmore Girls as well but my hardisk is so full! dammit... Gotta buy a portable one so i can dl all of them :D Haven't dl the latest ep 4 & 5 of Gilmore Gilrls.. miss 'em... Lorelai, Rory... i'll meet u gals very very soon. And Alexie, don't forget wat u've said ya :p

Wanna continue my devil wears prada book-reading too. But am not free currently. Will read it during my free time (lookin to the ceiling, lying on the bed, wondering wat i wan to do, feeling damn boring...)

Saturday... im wondering if there's any saturday-nite-girls'-outing later on :D

watching GA while eating this so yummy-looking strawberries


Yesterday was friday, 28th. Not 13th. So i supposed it was a good day. Went 1u with my bf and we had a movie, operation undercover. Not bad though. At least it's better than the previous Hong Kong gangster movie. We had lunch at japs restaurant. Ordered agedashi tofu which is my all time favourite, and chicken teriyaki. He had a gekikara ramen and i had a curry rice (coz felt not fulfilled by the curry rice that i had at ton chan (i spelled wrongly on previous post-toh kun). The tofu was nice, n the chicken, n the curry... but we cant finish it coz we were too full. After lunch, we went on a shopping spree. Bought a jeans at Topshop, then a green tight shirt at Miss Selfridges which both got a 10% off (membercard), then a shoes at Nose, and a 30% off ck jeans which is new arrival. Like mad..man. I thk it's ok coz i've not shopping for quite some time :p

p/s: go CK with ur frens, buy 5 pieces of jeans or clothing and u'll get 50% off for each of them! (1 pieces for 10%, 2 for 20% and so on until 50% off)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

What a day...

Woke up in the afternoon.. was bit dizzy coz i've slept for 12 hours! hell... never slept for so long for this couple of weeks.. just like a zombie u know.. slept at 3am even i've finished my exam.. sometimes 5am.. imagine that..

Okie.. so after had my lunch, went out to meet half-banana at midvalley.. chose to drive alone instead of Ktm coz the weather was hot.. just sick of it. After we bought our ticket for The Prestige, went MPH coz she wanna find a book. Then we head out to Jusco to have something to eat :D We bought some sushi and Tako too... yam yam... and of coz we bought ice blended mocha at San Francisco and sneak it in to the cinema... talking of mocha, it's damn cheap man.. buy one free one!! 16 bucks for two! So, forget about high calories, just enjoy the drink!

About the movie, not bad though. Hugh Jackman was the charming one and Scarlet Johansson was gorgeous :D The story was in a non-chronological method which sometime quite confusing. The ending was quite predictable as some hints'd given in the movie, but u gotta observe those carefully.

Noticed a black velvet cardigan in MNG... Damm nice le wei... but it cost around 140 bucks :(
argh... not really expensive BuT... i have no enough money to buy it.. for now la. aihs.. run out of cash le... *sigh*

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

another cutie...

Erm... like american cocker spaniel too... my bf's house have one.. just now resqusted him to let me take care the cute 'lil doggie named Lucky for a few days but was not managed to get over his permissoin coz it's not his dog anyway. *sob*

Can i have a cocker spaniel? *hint* :p

i want a doggie !

Suddenly thinking of having a dog (actually it's not suddenly, hav this feelings since a long time ago) erm.. perharps a pug? it has a tightly curled tail and broad flat wrinkled muzzle which makes it looks dumb and clumsy.. which i like.. and it's cute.. I thk pug is quite easy to handle compare with other hairry doggie coz its coat is fine, smooth, soft, and gloosy,neither hard nor woolly. So need not so much grooming :D It's an even-tempered breed, exhibiting stability, playfulness, great charm, dignity and an outgoin, loving dispositon.

Wondered when can i get a doggie.. coz it needs lotsa "investment".. *wink*

cute pug isn't it??

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Had gathering with my police cadet friends... Some of them didn't get to attend.. Too bad.. Anyway, it's been a long time we never seen each other, nearly 1 year and some even more than 1 year :p

Had a really great time thou... we chatted happily and talked about our recent happenings & our good old days..

Took some pics but it was too bad coz some of them left quite early... i mean the couples :D
And i've forgotten that i've brought my digital cam... Just realised after the three couples left.. Too late :(

So... here it goes... some frens of mine from police cadets :D

From left: Pin Yuen, Ker Liy, Kai Xiang, Kenny, Me, & Hsieh Chin

Monday, October 23, 2006


Im feeling bit bored with my current blog's lay-out... It's dull, making me feel lifeless.. SOoo, here comes my new lay-Out... It's not so dull now, or should i say -- colourful? :p Hope it'll cheer me up for the coming future :)

It's the 1st week of hols which gonna last 3 bloody weeks. Just imagine how im gonna spend the rest of it coz i've started to freak out for wondering wat i should do for my whole hols. *yawn*
After wondered around at my "secret garden", i've realised i got plenty of things to do during my long-haul holidays actually...

- finish up the grey's anatomy season 1
- gilmore girls season 5 as well (fall in love with 'em!!)
- newly released japs drama which casting by Shibasaki Kou
- finish up books-reading (the devil wears prada & the whole shopaholic series written by Sophie Kinsella
- dl the songs which i wanted to dl since a long time ago
- yam cha with my secondary frens
- shopping (gosh... sales sales sales everywhere!!)
- watching movie (city of angels starring by Nicholas Cage & the lake house)

and etc.

Erm.. but it seems kinda impossible to finish all of 'em though :D

Sunday, October 22, 2006

and even contented?

Bac from The Curve. Without Starbucks. Nevermind. Saved up my money then n reduced some calories as well.. So.. wad to do with contented?

Coz i went out yam cha with my frens: yee leng n shou mei at C-Beach cafe at kajang prima. lol. Nice gals to hang out with on a saturday nite =D Chat for so long n we managed "tarik keluar" another of our fren as well which seems SO busy for the whole month. Continued our talk in my house and we had some drink as well. Shou mei's face was so blushed!! And i felt a 'lil dizzy after a couple of drink but it's okay after that. hehe.. Ate kuaji together with the drink and we even played UNO together! some of us got "blur" coz of the drink. Hang out together till almost 3 am.. Damn tired but now am updating my blog...Still..

My bed is calling me now... Am heading to my bed...
Nites.. Or should i say good morning? :p


Today (should be considered as yesterday--its 3am now in da morning) went The Curve with my frens. I've not seen suet yee for quite a long time (n now she's back from sarawak for holidays) and have not met half-banana, shou mei, and hui wen for... I thk its 2 or 3 months? So we decided to have an outing together, five of us.. which was nice :)

We reached Cineplex at 11am n we had our movie which started 10min right after we reached ther.. quite a rush.. But since we wanna finish it earlier... so.. Anyway, we watched the World Trade Centre. Nicholas Cage was awesome as always n its a touchful movie though.. *teary eyed* Had learned something from the movie: we must try to help the ppl around us, we must try to giv n take, we must tell our loved one that we love 'em.. n if u've not done this before, pls do this NOW. Tell the ppl that u love so much:" i love ya.." If not, maybe u'll feel regret someday.

It's time for lunch after the movie-hour. We lepak from the Cineplex to The Curve n had not decided wat to eat -.-" Actually wanna try shabu shabu which is just newly opening but no ppl inside... quite scary :p Anyway, had lunch in Toh-kun (if i not mistaken) afterthat.. Ordered a curry rice.. ish.. Never tried this kinda curry rice before. Just a few "slices" of pork inside with the curry. It's slices but not pieces.. so its REALLY TINY.. and it's even more expensive than the katsu don which hav a big pork chop!! Not fair le.. and the miso soup is YUKsss.. not nice at all.. some weird taste in it.. Wat the... I swear i'll never go there again! ever! Despite the food thingy, we had a great time there.. we chat, laugh.. was so much fun :p

Had a walk after our meal. Went Borders n had some browse-through. Noticed a book.. The Ultimate Workout Book.. It has all kinda workout which is simple to do.. even included yoga n some pilates as well.. Looks like it gonna help me a lot--->if i buy it =D Have to save lotsa pocket money then though it sounds Impossible :p

Ate Baskin-robbins on our way bac to Cineplex.. rasberry cheesecake ice-cream with some graham nuts in it... yummy... but have to REALLY start my workout now!! Let's get started~

Sunday, October 15, 2006

differences between friend & bf

seen this in a forum. tot it's so true... :

If just friend,

  • Will find u online in midnite, and chat untill really late.
  • He'll call u out n play, n tell u to give up homework n skip ur class.
  • When u r ill, he'll care bout u n say something to comfort u.
  • He'll talk good bout u, u'll think he's great.
  • No matter wad it is, he'll do things to fit u, so that u'll be happy.
  • He'll say that he'll giv the best to u.
  • He'll buy u "mid-meal", deliver it, n drive u to school and bac.
  • He only thinks about now.

If boyfriend,

  • When wee u online in midnite, will tell u to offline.
  • He'll tell u to finish the homework a.s.a.p., or wan to discuss over homework.
  • When u r ill, he'll care for u so much until u feel annoying, n force u to go to the doc.
  • All the things that he says, r meant to care about u, but usually sounds like commanding, u'll think: why he did that?
  • He'll help u see if its right or wrong, but u thk that he cares/worries too much.
  • He can be only sure that when u r with him, he's the happiest person.
  • He'll help u buy "mid-meal" but he'll remind u, "eat wad is healthier".
  • He'll drive u to school, but only when it's the same route cos he cannot skip class, cos if he skips class, his grade will be bad, n if his grade is bad, then he won't get a good job. then how his n ur life will be better? he'll think of long term.
  • He can see the future, how he would work hard to give the best to u.


Woke up by my mum when i was dreaming... something had happened in my family. Really messed up now... it's hard to say it thou... anywhere, hope that the prob can be solved as soon as possible... *sigh* Anyway, another prob has been solved :P *happy*

Han, wanna tell u something that is so important... "i wanna spend my life with u...for the rest of my life..." Yea... problem do occurs between us. but i strongly believe that we can solve it out together if we hold our hands tight and with our trust and commitment to each other.

Till then, looking forward to see ya~

p/s: hope u'll get well soon...

Friday, October 13, 2006


Heard this from somewhere:
"If its a 13th on a friday, there's something bad goin to happen."
I thk it's true,
It's a truth.

let go...

My temper are moody than the rapid-changing weather,
making u feel so sick of it.

U've tried to please me everytime,
but there's always some reason for me to feel not good enough,
and it's hard at the end of the day,
cos it making u sick too.

Im trying to change n get rid of my bad habits,
its gonna take time though,
but now we r short of time,
cos u're seems to lose ur patience now.

Thou sometime i cant stand of ur temper,
but i've tried,
i've tried to tolerate with it.
Cos i love u.
And i love u so much.

Maybe its time to let go,
cos there're no straight line in us anymore,
and it distracts us from happiness,
pulling us to the world of darkness...
endless fighting,
It turns me upside-down.

Its my fault, i know.
"I'm sorry", i said.
but u just ignored it.
I've spend all my time waiting,
for that second chance,
but its just another long haul nite.

So, here i come...
here i come to let u go......


Hooray!! Finally. Finished my final exam... should be happy with it but somehow, am feeling lonely... cos the person which i missed the most is not here. Wanna spend sometime with him but he seems so busy... haih...

Planned to go kl with fren but in the end my fren cant make it... wad the... ffk me...*sob* Anyway, went alamanda for lunch with teresa n billy. Ate till my heart out... We ordered 2 pizza-one regular n one personal, a nice garden salad, chicken wings, both garlic bread n bread stix... ish ish... Hmm..for sure, we couldnt finish the pizza... so we had a take-away. Its not good to waste food anyway :p

After the meal, we went starbucks.. going starbucks is like a "habit" for us now. haha... bought a hot latte while teresa ordered a hot chocolate hazelnut n billy had a double expresso. Hmm... my latte was as usual... not too heavy... but a bit creamer than usual....too much steamed milk maybe. Billy's expresso (no...its expresso x2) was bitter than ever!! i mean...its sOoo bitter man... teresa's hot chocolate hazelnut was nice thou :D It taste good when it was not so hot :p Gotta try it nex time...lol

This meal was bit heavy for my diet now. But today since is our last day for our very first sem, so decided to have something "good" before it ends :D

Bye my dear frens. Hopefully u guys'll have a great holidays. till then, see u guys after 3 weeks. will miss ya :p

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I'm so not in the mood of studying... shit... still one more paper on the go but yet i haven finish studying it. Looking at the notes just keep making me thinking of so many things...

I want a romantic getaway to any beautiful beach with my guy(maybe Koh-samui...maybe bali...or maybe maldives...arghh), lying there for the whole evening, sun-tanning, some spa perhaps? I want shopping cos so many sales are goin on. I want beatiful shoes, lovely clothes, a perfect jeans, a hair makeover...(cant stop of writting this :p) I wanna become slimmer, thinner, lighter... I wanna keep my promise-do as many exercise as i can! I want sitting in the starbucks reading lotsa magazine, drinking the oh-so-high-calories hot mocha, looking on the ppl passing by, so relaxing... I want to go a luxurious restaurant...eat till my heart out...

Anyway... it's just a imagination or a dream that im having for this very moment.
Arghh... gotta go to study now.
If not... my last paper will screw up :p

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

isn't it ironic?

Sometimes just feel that life is so ironic,
there is always so much incongruity between wad is expected,
and wad actually occurs.

It's like rain on ur wedding day,
it's a free ride when u've already paid,
it's a true heart that u've given to but they just treat it like rubbish,
it's a care that u've shown but it's worthless in their eyes,
who would have thought it figures...

It's a traffic jam when u're already late,
it's like ten thousand spoons when all u need is a knife,
it's like meeting ur man of ur dreams,
and then meeting his good looking queer...
isn't it ironic...don't u think?

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on u,
when u think everything's okay and everything's alrite.
Life has a funny of helping u,
when u think everything's gone wrong and everything's screw up.

In the end,
i've found out that wad life did to me is nothing,
but i've learned something from it.

U grieve u learn, u choke u learn,
u laugh u learn, u choose u learn,
u pray u learn, u ask u learn,
u live u learn.

Lyric: This Never Happened Before

Nice cute video~

This Never Happened Before by Paul McCartney

I'm very sure, this never happened to me before
I met u and now i'm sure
This never happened before

Now i see, this is the way it's supposed to be
I met u and now i see
This is the way it should be

This is the way should be, for lovers
They shouldn't go it alone
It's not so good when u're on ur own

So come to me, now we can be wat we want to be
I love u and now i see
This is the way it should be
This is the way it should be

This is the way should be, for lovers
They shouldn't go it alone
It's not so good when u're on ur own

I'm very sure. this never happened to me before
I met u and now i'm sure
This never happened to me before (this never happened to me before)
This never happened to me before (this never happened to me before)
This never happened to me before (this never happened to me before)
This never happened before

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lyric: (I Can't Seem To) Make You Mine

(I Can't Seem To) Make You Mine by The Clientele
In the silence of the garden
Moss arizing on the wind
And the beast is pondering love love love
'Till the rusty nail grow dim

I can't seem to make u mine
Through the long and lonely night
And i try so hard, darling
But the crowd pulled u away
Through the rythm and the rain
And the ivy coiled around my hand

So i lingered with people
In the silence August glade
But the rain has brought the night
And the night has brought the rain

I can't seem to make u mine
Through the long and lonely night
And i try so hard, darling
But the crowd pulled u away
Through the rythm and the rain
And the ivy coiled around my hand