Sunday, October 15, 2006

differences between friend & bf

seen this in a forum. tot it's so true... :

If just friend,

  • Will find u online in midnite, and chat untill really late.
  • He'll call u out n play, n tell u to give up homework n skip ur class.
  • When u r ill, he'll care bout u n say something to comfort u.
  • He'll talk good bout u, u'll think he's great.
  • No matter wad it is, he'll do things to fit u, so that u'll be happy.
  • He'll say that he'll giv the best to u.
  • He'll buy u "mid-meal", deliver it, n drive u to school and bac.
  • He only thinks about now.

If boyfriend,

  • When wee u online in midnite, will tell u to offline.
  • He'll tell u to finish the homework a.s.a.p., or wan to discuss over homework.
  • When u r ill, he'll care for u so much until u feel annoying, n force u to go to the doc.
  • All the things that he says, r meant to care about u, but usually sounds like commanding, u'll think: why he did that?
  • He'll help u see if its right or wrong, but u thk that he cares/worries too much.
  • He can be only sure that when u r with him, he's the happiest person.
  • He'll help u buy "mid-meal" but he'll remind u, "eat wad is healthier".
  • He'll drive u to school, but only when it's the same route cos he cannot skip class, cos if he skips class, his grade will be bad, n if his grade is bad, then he won't get a good job. then how his n ur life will be better? he'll think of long term.
  • He can see the future, how he would work hard to give the best to u.


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