Friday, October 13, 2006


Hooray!! Finally. Finished my final exam... should be happy with it but somehow, am feeling lonely... cos the person which i missed the most is not here. Wanna spend sometime with him but he seems so busy... haih...

Planned to go kl with fren but in the end my fren cant make it... wad the... ffk me...*sob* Anyway, went alamanda for lunch with teresa n billy. Ate till my heart out... We ordered 2 pizza-one regular n one personal, a nice garden salad, chicken wings, both garlic bread n bread stix... ish ish... Hmm..for sure, we couldnt finish the pizza... so we had a take-away. Its not good to waste food anyway :p

After the meal, we went starbucks.. going starbucks is like a "habit" for us now. haha... bought a hot latte while teresa ordered a hot chocolate hazelnut n billy had a double expresso. Hmm... my latte was as usual... not too heavy... but a bit creamer than usual....too much steamed milk maybe. Billy's expresso (no...its expresso x2) was bitter than ever!! i mean...its sOoo bitter man... teresa's hot chocolate hazelnut was nice thou :D It taste good when it was not so hot :p Gotta try it nex

This meal was bit heavy for my diet now. But today since is our last day for our very first sem, so decided to have something "good" before it ends :D

Bye my dear frens. Hopefully u guys'll have a great holidays. till then, see u guys after 3 weeks. will miss ya :p

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m!lk_w@y said...

lonelynya....pity u miss lonely...want to join my Lonely Club?

me worse still....finish exam too early..:(

no space in between, study till crazy

then after finish exam, stay in cyber no one entertain me...all oso got exam till friday or saturday

haih, now i am back to penang..sleep and watch drama oni

starbucks again all damn rich la.. make me want to drink their coffee:(

anyway, hope u enjoy ur holiday to the fullest la..