Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tagged: Are you face chemical free?

Tagged by the lovely Rika.. lol actually I was somewhat "self-recommended" to do this though.. (Rika, know what I mean rite? ;p) It took me almost a month to write this? I guess?


Sorry for the hiatus. I haven't been updating much, which is the stuff that I do always, since like.. ages ago. Not that I've been busy, just that I've been spending time on other activities - learning French (which is very interesting, but confusing at times), playing with my friend's doggie (which named Oolong Tea in chinese - SO cute!) if I have free time in between classes, and of course, checking out YouTube vids when I'm back at home. (guess what kind of vids I've been watching?)

Anyways, crap aside... Back to the title, my answer is no, of course ;p If I were face chemical free, I guess I'll be having like 50 zits on my face and super big pores that cannot be covered even with the thickest makeup...Okay that sounds a little bit awful and scary :/

So here's my "chemical treatment" for my face.. To be honest, I couldn't finish using ALL of them - I'm lazy to apply/use some of them most of the time. *guilts* Sorry for the sucky picture quality..Anyways, just my two cents about some of the products I use:

From left to right:
Loreal Gentle Makeup Remover : Pretty good quality to remove the waterproof eye makeup. Great deal with a low price. Comparable to Lancome's.

Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser: Only use it to remove makeup if I have no choice. Dislike the minty/tinkling feeling when using it. It burns my skin literally and makes my skin become reddish.

ZA Cleansemax: It has been my good 'ol makeup remover for a couple of years. It's ok for my very sensitive skin. But, most of the time I would use it TWICE to make sure there's no makeup residue on my face.

DHC Cleansing Oil: This is my Holy Grail! With 2 or 3 pumps, I gently spread this on my dry face and massage my face thoroughly including my eyes (yes!) in circular motion. After 30 secs, I just wet my hands and massage my face again for a while before washing my face with water. Guess what, ALL my makeup gone after the rinsing and my skin doesn't feel that oily (it's olive oil base)! Love it!! Anyways, I'd wash my face with my gentle wash soap to make sure it's 100% clean, although it is already 99% clean (almost) after using DHC. The only thing I dislike about is the texture, which is a bit thick to spread out on the face. But still, it is great!

Apricot Invigorating Scrub: Love this scrub. It is very gentle and doesn't irritate my skin. After using it, my skin always feel soft. Bye bye dead skin cells. And it smells SO good.

Himalaya Neem Face Pack: It is a clay mask with tiny particles to it. Tried once and it's OK.

Clinique 7 day Scrub Cream: I doesn't really like the chemical smell. And I think the texture is too thick for my liking. It feels coarse on my skin. Yikes. I wouldn't fork out RM85 (probably more now) to buy such a scrub.

Ettusais Acne Gentle Wash: It is pretty gentle for oily skin but yet it cleans very well. I just discovered the correct method for using it lol. *blush* and I love it even more after that. Still new in package as you can see - just stocking up as I'm almost done with the current one. Affordable as the Clinique's face soap (again, chemical smell) but I like the Gentle Wash more. I still have whole bar of Clinique which I used for a while couple of years ago :/

Ettusais Acne Skin Version Up: I use it as a moisturizer after toner, although the correct sequence of it should be before using toner. Oh well, I just stick to what I'm comfortable with lol. It seems very moiturizing and hydrating when I applied it on the face, BUT it didn't seem to "absorb" into my skin, if you get what I mean.

Ettusais Whitening Essence: I haven't really used it continuously so I wouldn't say it's useless. Anyways, my skin tends to get dry when I use whitening stuff.

Ettusais Aqua Shooter: I treat this as a toner. It works pretty good, I think. My excess sebum is gone when using it but it wouldn't dry my skin out. I just finished using one :)

Ettusais Nightime Defense: I use it after applying all my skincare by applying the powder on my face, especially my T-zone. With the ultra fine powder particles, it is claimed to prevent and treat acne, suppress and smoothen out rough skin, and seal in moisture. Still in package as I haven't done with the sample yet. I haven't noticed much result, but I would say my skin feels silky soft after applying it.

Some New York Skin Solution's products - soothing gel & cream, beauty cream, moiturizer & eye gel which I'm lazy to talk about lol.

Random masks which I've got from bf and one from Ettusais. I'm lazy in the whole mask-thing.

Lastly.. my makeup collection.. wouldn't say a collection though as it's hardly a collection -__- Anyways, here's what I use:

Some MAC products:
Prep+Prime: It doesn't work on my skin and my makeup tends to fade and gets real oily after few hours. Seriously, don't buy this base from MAC. Not going to repurchase it.

Select Cover-Up: I use it to conceal my zits and under-eyes circle and it's been working out pretty well. A little goes a long way so I was wondering if I could finish using it up before the expiry period due.

Studio Fix Fluid Foundation: I'm a NC30-35 now but I got the NC40 when I was tanned :( So my skin would look abit tanned than it should be after applying it. As a result, I just got myself a Revlon Colorstay (Sand Beige) which appeared fairer on my skin (argh). I should have bought the Golden Beige instead. Anyhow, Studio Fix gives good coverage but I don't really like it for daily use.

Loose/Blot Powder: Very fine texture to be used to set my makeup. Reduce my skin oilyness as well.

Mineralised Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle: It's a highlighter for my cheek or part of my face. Lightly apply it and it adds a "glow" to your skin. Love. But be careful that it'll sort of enlarge your pores if you simply apply too much on your face. Not pleasant looking.

Blushes: First off, the Dollymix from MAC. It looks pretty scary in the pan but it's lovely when you apply it lightly on your cheek. It will leave a hint of sheer candy pink on your apple:) Another one is from Lancome which I rarely use. It has a peachy undertone to it which contains gorgeous tiny gold shimmer. It is pretty but just doesn't show up well on my skintone. Would be gorgeous on lovelies with pale/fairer skintone. (anyone interested in buying? wondering to sell it off with cheaper price. Used 3x. Let me know..)

Some eyeshadow & paint pot from MAC and Silkygirl: I wouldn't say much about this as I have very less eyeshadow :( Now waiting for my 88 palette from Coastal Scents!(whee)

Benefit Dr. Feel Good: Another makeup base. I bought it last year, I think? And I haven't used it more than 5 times cos one of my close friend literally borrowed it since one year ago. I just got it back from my friend lol. Craps aside, I prefer this over the Prep+Prime. It is claimed to "minimize" your pore and act as a makeup base for a fresh look. I don't really like the smell though, but it's still acceptable.

Ettusais Zero Pore Coat: It's a makeup base as it claimed. But I use it to cover (reduce) my pores even without wearing any makeup. I love this because it also controls and reduces the oilyness of my skin. The texture is very light too, which is lighter than the Dr. Feel Good. Half of the price of Dr. Feel Good, of course the same goes to the amount of the product. (probably less than half)

Lipgloss/Lipstick: NYX Mega Shine (Smokey Look). NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia and Honey. It's good and dirt cheap (around RM11 for lipstick and RM20 for lipgloss after shipping and etc). Read on the reviews of other bloggers/YouTubers. And a peeachy Shu Uemura lipgloss. Oh Chanel's lipgloss is good but it's a tad too pricey. Any other recommendation?

Chanel Blanc Essentiel Compact Foundation: It will make your skin appear appear fairer, but in a good way of course. Use it when I'm in a rush, after I started using liquid foundation.

Eyeliners: MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil, Silkygirl Funky Eyeliner (Olive Green & Silver - I don't know why I got the silver lol). The Silkygirl's are pretty good deal considering the price of it.

In my opinion, the Fasio's mascara is pretty good BUT very difficult to wash off, even with your eye make-up remover. Takes more than one day to go off. Not cute.

Eyelash curler from Shu Uemura is my HG. Got it for like RM35 (if not mistaken) which is a good deal. I heard that it retails for around RM50? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Kate Eyebrow Kit: It takes me 2 mins to draw my eyebrows. So easy to work with. *thumbs up

Some face brushes and eye brushes. The big fluffy face brush from TBS is soooo soft.

OK, gotta stop here cuz I've got lazy to continue typing. Till then!

Randomness: See the cute pinky storage box/makeup case?.. or whatever you call it. Cute, no? It's a free gift from ettusais during my previous haul :) love it but yet to use it.

PLMK if you're doing this tag! I'd love to read it! =)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

And the dream has gone now...

...officially. I got so excited when I found out that Tokyo will be having the very first launching of Comme des Garcons x H&M, as I will definitely "beg" my bf to get few of the amazing pieces there, despite the long queue at H&M everyday since after the opening of the shop (note that this is BEFORE the launching of Comme des Garcons). That was a month ago.

Sigh. Now I'm going to sip in more vanila latte...and keep munching more J.Co Doughnuts.. oh grieving on my dream.. RIP.

While watching the vid of grand launching in Tokyo, I clearly know that my bf will be dead waiting for the looooong queue. Geez. Luckily he didn't do that. Just can't imagine the keeee-ra-zy queue!

Another vid on the launching in London, taken by the lovely Susie Bubble..

P.S.: On 6.42, the blazer that I've been dreaming on...

Dreammm on....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I miss you so much. so. much. I. wanna. die.

I'm here. You're there.

LDR has never been easy. Argh.

I need to deal with it.

Friday, October 24, 2008





Sunday, October 19, 2008

Of KLPF and a 'lil update

I went to KLPF (Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival) yesterday, tagged along with my sis. There were so many photographers -the Professionals mixed up with some amateur photographers (okay, just me being amateur lol). I just brought along my pity small digital compact camera, and hiding it in my shoulder bag all the while. You know, seeing soooo many people carrying their bulky and professional gears, it's not a pleasant sight to take out mine lol. There were some talks by photographers here and there, which I found quite interesting. Also, I've spent quite some time going through the photos which shown in the exhibition, while gaining some inspiration and motivation for me to continue on my long lost interest. It's been so long since my last photoshooting with mates. I bumped into few of them yesterday and had a short conversation with them ;) Also, I bumped into Brian accidentally and managed to say Hi this time ;)

In the mean time, I keep pondering on whether to get my hands on a DSLR or a new compact. I am so lost. The new Ricoh R10 seems nice, but after having some research on the previous model R8, I am not quite sure with it now. But I really like the design. It seems like the Canon Powershot SX100 is better, and doesn't give a "cold" result like the R10. With difference of 2 mega pixels, the SX100 still produces results that I prefer, although the R10 produces a rather sharper image. Headache. I think I shall leave this issue aside, and wait for the time it comes, when my sudden urge to get a DSLR, or I should say, when I have enough $$ to get my hands on it. Sigh.

Excuse the ranting, as I'm still "struggling" on choosing - DSLR or a good digital compact. -____-"

Here's some pictures of KLPF...


Hot models posing with some camera bags.

Photographers with all kind of shooting style lol.

Sipping my vanila latte..

Photos credit: Sabrina


On a side note, I've been doing some spring cleaning lately. First off, my bookshelf, then my laptop table, and now my room table which I put all kinds of shits on. I cleaned and arranged the table few months ago, but being a rather messy person I am, now it has become pretty "unorganized" as previously which look like this ----

Seriously, I was once having a hard time (okay, not once, but countless time) finding my ring/hairpin/make-up brush/necklace. No kidding.

So after my "exceptional" cleaning skills, throwing unwanted things and etc, it become more organized now. Hmm.. at least it can last for another 2 weeks. Heh.

Also, a mini haul I recently had from Isetan. Love. Especially the sunblock, I just adore the non-oily texture. ;)

When I was cleaning up the table, I found the pictures captured during the HK trip in 2005. How I missed it :(

P/S: I've got a cut on my finger when cutting the vege. Being a domestic goddess I am NOT. Pfft. Also, I fell off the stairs 2 days back as it was too slippery, now my elbow is still pretty swollen. Going to see doctor tonight cos it might be a bone problem. Let's hope not. :(

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Daily Routine - The Difference Between Sept and Oct

Nothing particular about my daily life now. It's boring and task-oriented. Task-oriented as in, doing the housework which normally I don't do. A month ago, I was in the mood of lazing around, perhaps the dining out with friends, or enjoying retail therapy of my own; but definitely not cleaning up the house, doing the laundry and the ironing, not to mention the cooking for both lunch and dinner, and of course there are still tons of things that I need to do - dog-bathing, sending brother to school, dish cleaning and the list goes on.

It's look like I am whining now. Yes yes yes. Oh well I just need to write things out to clear up my mind a little bit but my hands seems not functioning as they usually do (god my hands are so rough now resulting from the excessive of dish washing - we cook a lot. so.)

Since our maid has gone back her hometown for one month, hence I will be replacing her temporarily. It's my responsibility anyway.

I want a getaway now but I could only dream.

Dream about...

Or the UK... (London...!)

But I have nowhere to go, gotta finish ironing all these clothes. They are like mountain. Seriously.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Love at first sight

I'm in love with this Opening Ceremony Suede & Elastic Strapped Sandals.. It has grey colour (my fav colour!) mixed with black, not a fabulous one but I loveee it. It has chunky heel too, which is very easy to walk in.


As seen in, it gonna cost me a bomb, a nuclear bomb.

A freaking £165 which equals to RM1023.


Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Pocky Day

I've got wet just now when collecting this parcel at the courier office in Bangi. It's been raining heavily today. But it has been a good day for me as sister moved back to home and I accidentally bumped into my secondary classmate (whom I had a little crush on back then. lol) during lunch. Of course, the main reason is the bf has sent me some nice Pocky to me (yay) .

I LOVE eating Pocky. It's the best snack ever! =)) Oh and finally I have a better webcam and brand new headset when skype-ing! (the attached webcam in the laptop has a quite blurish view) Yes, it's the QuickCam Pro9000 I've been eyeing on ;) Thanks my dear!

He also sent me a lipbalm (made in Jpn) which I claimed different from those Nivea back in M'sia (made in USA). It is less sticky than those Nivea's sold in here, which lead to why I stealed his Nivea's for my own usage and put aside my Nivea's. lol. I know it's weird and they should be all the same but, I can feel the difference when putting them on my lips. Anyways, I wanted the normal daily use version but he bought me this: -

with SPF18 PA+, how thoughtful he is as I really drive a lot :))

Now, back to my Pocky and drama time! Till then~

Friday, September 19, 2008

Beautiful Love - 蔡健雅

词曲作者:曲:FIR阿沁 词:葛大为 编:Adam Lee 监:马毓芬

看住时间 别让它再流浪
从前我 太适应悲伤
你的出现 在无意中 
却深深 撼动我
一起走着 没说什么 心是满足的

这个世界 随时都要崩塌
我没有 其他的愿望
假如明天将消失了 趁现在我爱着
只想记得 被你抱着 温热的感受

Love's beautiful so beautiful
我失去过 更珍惜拥有
多庆幸我是我 被你疼爱的我
紧紧牵住的手 不要放手 永远守护我

Love's beautiful so beautiful
我很快乐 你会了解我
我不会再哭泣 是因为我相信
我们勇敢的爱着 每秒钟
都能证明 一生的美丽

Love's beautiful so beautiful

爱上了, 我不保留.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I've been missing you guys!

After having 3 months + of working life, finally it comes to an end. Now I am enjoying (sort of) a 2 months' break and kicking my ass to work on my internship report. It was fun to hang out with some friends who I have been missing of. My birthday was not happening at all but I was glad that I still have my dear accompanying me through out the day (Skype is the best). Thanks for your prezzie and the flowers, and come back soon! Miss you! :(

And of course, my dear friends... Teresa and Billy =)

We went to Donrae, a Korean restaurant in Hartamas. Nice!

My lovely cousin.. Yee Wen :) at Sushi Groove (no second time, please!)

Me :) eating curry katsu don but it was pretty ___ [insert :( word of your own]

My ex-piano teacher.. We still hang out from time to time. =)

... And.. I would like to thank those who have msg-ed / facebook-ed me for wishing me... =)

Till then!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

It was a bizarre Wednesday. The day began with bringing our new puppy, Mollie to vet. She has been sick since last Thursday, the first day we brought her home. It was the third vet that we've visited; seeing there's no progress after consuming those medicine. The vet advised us to hospitalize her as she has been vomiting and having bloody diarrhea on and off. Although it was a negative on the "Pavrovirus" test on last Friday during the first vet-visit; the third vet suspected it's probably the Pavrovirus that making her becoming weaker and weaker. God, I was helpless when I heard about this. Mum wanted to return her to the seller; frightening that Mollie might not be able to make it. We don't want to see her goes. But as the whole situation is so complicated if we do not return her, plus her chance of surviving is a 50-50. How I hate 50-50. This percentage kills people.

And so, we returned Mollie to the seller, asking him to continue medical treatment on Mollie.

We couldn't bare for losing her from us. I will miss those curly choco hair of yours and your playfulness.

I know you would be able to make it, Mollie. Just hang on. We love you.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Yay.. Finally I have mood to update the blog.. I think probably because I can have some peace of mind for now. My lecturer just visited me for site visit today. It was great except I sucked up during presentation. Haha. Was nervous to think twice of what I was talking about (It could be better.sad. oh well) - as the my lecturer is The Mr. Omar.(I was like omg when I found out he's my academic advisor). But anyways, he is one of the best lecturer I have ever encountered with; attending his class is very interesting. And he seems like knows EVERYTHING. Seriously.

But anyhow, my Head of Department and my supervisor really saved me. They're the best heee ;p

Oh and I just text-ed him to thank him for coming over, and guess what, he said something nice it made my day =))))

I am so happy haha. But how la, so many outstanding pics and posts....

Monday, August 04, 2008


I wish I could just erase those blatant memories from my head.
For my peace of mind.

They hurt me.

And when the doubts were drowning my heart reaching my greatest limit..
I wish I was numb.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I have been feeling sick since Friday... having on-and-off flu..feeling sucks after dining out at Shogun... Although I felt a bit better after eating the Krispy Kremes ;p Since today is Sunday, I am super free I have updated my blog twice. Went to Midvaley just now and guess what! I bumped into Billy after all these while since we last saw each other! So happy I just wanna express my happiness here ^^

Billy and me making funny face..

Other than having a cuppa at Starbucks, chatting over some random things... and.. random buys (but happy buys of course! ^^ ) What else you can do on this lazing Sunday?

I think my bf has tendency of making funny face lol ;p so cuteee...

Lovey dovey

Finally..after endless of're back! Weee... =)

And here I am enjoying the munchy yummy Krispy Kremes.. The donuts tastes heavenly and they must be really good if I tried them in the first place.. But anyway thank you babe for bringing back them... They are nicer than J Co Donuts ahhh I want them more ;p

Now let me introduce this cute lil' rabbit to you all! Well..I am still thinking about which name I should give her...;p Any idea?

Till then, peeps! Hope I will be back with the glorious fooood without having my tummy bloated... ;p

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Of roller coaster and those wonderful moments

I know - the spider web is EVERYWHERE in this place. Sigh. Finally I have some energy to 'clean' it up now whilst listening to Jack Johnson which I feel so relaxed and feel like typing..(I can feel the cracking sounds of my fingers..wth)

I shall start with the Genting trip with my friends (supposedly coworkers), whom I got to know from working and tell you what..I love them all. It was a wonderful outing others than our 'tradition' (karaoke session) as we also enjoyed shouting (as well as singing, of course).

Seriously I was really having conversation over cellphone haha.

So there we go nuts about the rides. I was the only girl who always opt for the first seat but oh well sometimes I didn't manage to get it =( One of the girl whom I love the most - Anna, said I have become crazzzzie. Well, I like the feeling of throwing yourself up and down, putting your hands up and shout hellava while the rides go upside down which you don't know which way you are heading to. That's the coolest feeling in the world..something like 'omg I am so gonna died this time' that kinda feeling.

Anyways, we stayed in a creepiest place in the world - Ria Apartment (any ghost story to tell?) as all of the hotels had been fully booked. The house that we rented got a weird smell which I felt 100% not comfortable with. If I were to choose again, I would rather be sleeping on the bench in First World Plaza. lol. So that was the reason why we kept drinking coffee and walking aimlessly around the mall and finally walked ourself into a sports bar to have a sip of Margarita and Tequila Sunrise. I don't like Manhattan; even though I tried it out of curious because Carrie & the Girls kept drinking it when Miranda shifting out from Manhattan to Brooklyn. (Sorry..I just can't wait to watch Sex And The City..)

Oh yea. I shall show some photos before my fingers get cramped of typing..

Cute Anna got 'drunken' after having the yummy Belgian

My cuppa.. latte without cinnamon (ran out of stock!! Grr...)

Margarita=) nice taste of sour n salty with the tequila.. I wanted Martini but alas what kinda place was Martini =(

Kean, me, Chia Yen, Chun Wen & Calvin == We looked like usher..somehow..haha

Caged gondola with 3 cute little chipmunks (lol it rhymes!)

This is called the Hitler Wannabe! hahaha

Arrr I want to go to London....!

Story telling time..

I had been waiting for him to finish his conversation with Linda whom he wanted to break up with. But he seems like not going to say the word and so I laughed and left, thinking how stupid was I to believe that he's going to say...

I walked and walked. Suddenly the rain started to pour down. I ran to a telephone booth nearby me to get some shade before I got wet. And that was the time I bumped into this guy with his yellow jacket on. We both hide in the shade.. *and the story goes on..* Ahem.. I do have a good story telling skill, no? hahaha.

So that's all about the trip. And till then, I will be back soon, and with a different kind of happy feelings which I am so looking forward to!