Sunday, July 13, 2008


I have been feeling sick since Friday... having on-and-off flu..feeling sucks after dining out at Shogun... Although I felt a bit better after eating the Krispy Kremes ;p Since today is Sunday, I am super free I have updated my blog twice. Went to Midvaley just now and guess what! I bumped into Billy after all these while since we last saw each other! So happy I just wanna express my happiness here ^^

Billy and me making funny face..

Other than having a cuppa at Starbucks, chatting over some random things... and.. random buys (but happy buys of course! ^^ ) What else you can do on this lazing Sunday?

I think my bf has tendency of making funny face lol ;p so cuteee...

Lovey dovey

Finally..after endless of're back! Weee... =)

And here I am enjoying the munchy yummy Krispy Kremes.. The donuts tastes heavenly and they must be really good if I tried them in the first place.. But anyway thank you babe for bringing back them... They are nicer than J Co Donuts ahhh I want them more ;p

Now let me introduce this cute lil' rabbit to you all! Well..I am still thinking about which name I should give her...;p Any idea?

Till then, peeps! Hope I will be back with the glorious fooood without having my tummy bloated... ;p

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Of roller coaster and those wonderful moments

I know - the spider web is EVERYWHERE in this place. Sigh. Finally I have some energy to 'clean' it up now whilst listening to Jack Johnson which I feel so relaxed and feel like typing..(I can feel the cracking sounds of my fingers..wth)

I shall start with the Genting trip with my friends (supposedly coworkers), whom I got to know from working and tell you what..I love them all. It was a wonderful outing others than our 'tradition' (karaoke session) as we also enjoyed shouting (as well as singing, of course).

Seriously I was really having conversation over cellphone haha.

So there we go nuts about the rides. I was the only girl who always opt for the first seat but oh well sometimes I didn't manage to get it =( One of the girl whom I love the most - Anna, said I have become crazzzzie. Well, I like the feeling of throwing yourself up and down, putting your hands up and shout hellava while the rides go upside down which you don't know which way you are heading to. That's the coolest feeling in the world..something like 'omg I am so gonna died this time' that kinda feeling.

Anyways, we stayed in a creepiest place in the world - Ria Apartment (any ghost story to tell?) as all of the hotels had been fully booked. The house that we rented got a weird smell which I felt 100% not comfortable with. If I were to choose again, I would rather be sleeping on the bench in First World Plaza. lol. So that was the reason why we kept drinking coffee and walking aimlessly around the mall and finally walked ourself into a sports bar to have a sip of Margarita and Tequila Sunrise. I don't like Manhattan; even though I tried it out of curious because Carrie & the Girls kept drinking it when Miranda shifting out from Manhattan to Brooklyn. (Sorry..I just can't wait to watch Sex And The City..)

Oh yea. I shall show some photos before my fingers get cramped of typing..

Cute Anna got 'drunken' after having the yummy Belgian

My cuppa.. latte without cinnamon (ran out of stock!! Grr...)

Margarita=) nice taste of sour n salty with the tequila.. I wanted Martini but alas what kinda place was Martini =(

Kean, me, Chia Yen, Chun Wen & Calvin == We looked like usher..somehow..haha

Caged gondola with 3 cute little chipmunks (lol it rhymes!)

This is called the Hitler Wannabe! hahaha

Arrr I want to go to London....!

Story telling time..

I had been waiting for him to finish his conversation with Linda whom he wanted to break up with. But he seems like not going to say the word and so I laughed and left, thinking how stupid was I to believe that he's going to say...

I walked and walked. Suddenly the rain started to pour down. I ran to a telephone booth nearby me to get some shade before I got wet. And that was the time I bumped into this guy with his yellow jacket on. We both hide in the shade.. *and the story goes on..* Ahem.. I do have a good story telling skill, no? hahaha.

So that's all about the trip. And till then, I will be back soon, and with a different kind of happy feelings which I am so looking forward to!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

An imperfect closure

So many things happened lately... and finally leads to the closure. The closure of one chapter of my life which means the beginning of a new starting point. We had so much fun chatting, working, playing and singing together.

I'm gonna miss you, Ann. And all others.