Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tiff's Lounge

Few weeks ago, I had a wonderful day spent with May, Yikki and Billy. They came to KL all the way from Johor for attending some event. Of course, I was happy to meet up with them especially May (she's witty and I always like her cuteness).

They had lunch at Crystal Jade. I liked the desert very much which was a combination of pancake and mango. I would love to show u the pancake but the pic isn't with me =(

us at Crystal Jade, before leaving.

We dropped by Times Square before going for our dinner at Jalan Alor.

And we were thrilled to see the massive traffics at Jln. Bukit Bintang. (not that thrilled la. saja cakap. lol)

The night was spent by enjoying the drinking session at Tiff's Lounge (thanks Connie for the correction ;p) at Starhill Gallery. It was fun. Amazing night view there.

I love the lamp!

I was a granny and May was a sexy secretary. lol!

Thanks Yikki, the photographer =)

Dirty Martini was nice. So was my Mojito ;) arr not to mention the tiramisu!

It's a great place to have your eyes lay on the beautiful lights and get yourself relax.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Excuses of not blogging

I just noticed my updates have reduced "dramatically" from 20 posts a month back then, to minimum of 2 posts a month! What have happened to me? Of course, I have a brief list of reasons why I haven't been updating my blog in a timely manner. (who would be bothered, anyway?-_-" )

  • I've lost the motivation to write about my not-so-happening life after reading so many amazing bloggers out there who have been writing about things that 101% more interesting than mine.
  • Studies- Few assignments and presentations in less than 2 months time and I've been spending time to find some journal and reading them. Other than that, doing tutorials whenever I can. (at least I'm trying to work out with that. So I'm not totally a lazy bump)
  • Knitting - That's the "secret project" that I've been working on. It's not a secret anymore as I foolishly continued knitting when I was chatting over skype with someone and turning on my webcam at the same time, without realizing I actually DID.
  • There are quite a few series that I've seen lately, while busy knitting the scarf. (I'm good in multi-tasking, especially in this kind of stuff which is normally not a good practice) Let see, what series I've watched? I've done watching Ugly Betty (season 2), Gossip Girls, Cashmere Mafia (Ep 6 is out now! *exciting ), Project Runway Canada (still 2 episodes to go! a nice show which has caused me dreaming about becoming an awesome designer), Nodame Cantabile (a J-dorama which I have to admit, I'm still yet to finish watching it. It's a nice show for laughing out loud, tho.), and last but not least- the infamous Japanese anime - Bleach! Yes, I do watch Bleach cos Kurosaki is SO cool.

The 4 gorgeous lady in Cashmere Mafia and I'm loving Lucy Liu the most ;)

The coolest guy ever- Kurosaki! (I still have more than 100 ep to finish. Argh I'm so slow.)
  • If only I can stop myself from sitting in front of the calender and counting the days down, then I should have more time to be spent on updating my blog. But you see, I can't wait for this coming Saturday. It's all because of him coming back =) I can feel the way he holds my hand as we fall asleep again. All of those littlest things that make me smile :))
  • Laziness. (well, this is probably the most truthful!)
I should stop giving lame excuses. I will try to be better at regular updates. I promise. Unless something else comes up to.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V'Day

I've got back home yesterday evening and my parcel was there, on the table. =)

So I opened it.. and I smiled :)
限定品 ヘリテージ ストライプ フライト バッグ
It's beautiful ;)

Thank you, babe. I like it very much ;)

I <3 the card you made. It's really sweeeeet :)

I'm a happy Em. and I just need to hang on for one more week! just one more! =)

Happy Valentine's Day for couples and Happy Single Awareness Day for the singles! ;)

Sarawak's trip part 2

After a much long week, here's the part 2 of my Sarawak's trip. (All of my friends have updated the whole trip but still I'm still writing it. I've been pretty lazy lately.) *smacks head

After got back from Kuching, we spent our night at Teresa's house. The next morning we started our journey to Miri by cars and it was indeed a bumpy ride, as the road condition was.. you know.. :)

Soon after we reached Miri, we went to Uncle Tay's house. Aunty Tay was so nice to cook us some food before we took off to Museum Petroleum.

Lai Hoong and I :)

Lit Shiuan caught a bug! *runs away*

pouting Billy and I. (acting sexy eh, Bill? lol.)

I know you're strong, Lit Shiuan! :p

Miri Crocodile's Farm was our next hop. There were plenty of animals there ranging from the animals we usually see - monkeys, birds, ducks to some more exciting one - bats, bears, crocodiles, and the world's most dangerous bird. The Southern Cassowary is known as the world's most dangerous bird by the World Record. Yes, it has beautiful eyes and colorful furs at the neck's part but don't ever think of petting it lol. The probability of you getting attacked would be much likely greater than 1. ;)

That's the bird :/

RM12 for one crocodile egg. well, we shouldn't be harming them..

they're hugeeeeee and keep sleeping.

Hill Myna (Burung Tiung). A very smart bird as it will imitate ur voice.

A stork.. it looks scary :/

Asean Bridge (or Batand Baram Bridge) is a bridge which connecting Sarawak and Brunei. It is the longest bridge in Miri and we stopped at the small port right beside the bridge.

we were too free so we did some stupid thing ;P

some scene nearby the bridge. *taken by Billy

I love the sun shining on my face.

We had tried some Iban's snacks at a stall next to the port. It's made by fried mee-hun which I first felt weird. Anyway it's very crispy, so it's all good. =) Just a bit oily tho.

The next morning, we snapped a group photo before venturing into the Lambir National Park.

Clockwise: Timothy, Billy, me, Kar Ling and Lai Hoong

I always loathe bathing myself in unimaginably cold water during cloudy weather, so I decided not to get wet in water fall. Heh, at least I dipped my legs inside the water and tried to catch some tiny prawns. lol

curious us looking at the small lil' prawn

We had a fun picnic at the lawn not far from the main office of the national park. My stomach is big enough to fill in with few serving of tuna sandwiches, eggs and hot dogs. lol. No wonder I've been trying hard to shed a few pounds but the reading on the weighing scale never satisfied me. ;(

Before going back home, we had some sight-seeing and passed by the "first traffic light on the bridge" in Malaysia, which located at Old Lutong. According to Aunty Tay, the bridge was built by Shell long time ago.

I would say the next hour after we visited Taman Awam in Miri, would be one of my best moment in my life for witnessing some breath-taking scenery, I mean. ;) Because I've seen the best sunset in Tanjung Lobang Beach. :)

Teresa, Kar Ling and I =)

We smiled. We laughed out loud.

We laughed out louder, and gone crazy that we couldn't control ourself from acting stupid. lol

to hold ur hand and watch the sun goes down - how I wish..

Last night in Miri was spent in hanging around at the Miri City Fan. Ivan used his camera and tripod to test some shots. We had a lot of fun for doing the testing lol.

Aunty Tay cooked some delicious fried mee-hun for us in the next morning, before we left their house. On the other hand, I just couldn't stop taking photos of plants in her lovely garden ;)

I love how the pink looks like. =)

Goodbye Miri! Next, Niah Cave and Bintulu =)

Monday, February 04, 2008


my Dearest,

Congrats on the good news today :) I'm so happy for you. I couldn't stop smiling when I heard your chirpy voice telling me how happy you're. I know you can make it through cos you're the man. Please tell me that you liked the cards very much. Please. Please tell me that you wanna send me some cards, too. Well, one card is more than enough. :p And I shouldn't be telling you that I have been working on a secret project lately and because of it is a secret project, I can't tell you what it is all about (^.~)

Till then, Chu. (^*^)

Listening to Bubbly. alone.

It starts in my soul
And I lose all control
When you kiss my nose
The feeling shows
Cause you make me smile baby
Just take your time now
Holdin' me ti-i-ight

Where ever, Where ever, Where ever you go
Where ever, Where ever, Where ever you go

P.S. I Love You.