Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sarawak's trip part 1 *Edited

Having not writing any proper post have made me feel really bad - my ignorance of the blog and not replying the comments frequently. I have few posts yet need to be published but now I will concentrate on writing my trip to Sarawak for 14 days. Yes, it's my longest trip ever! I'll be separating my itinerary into 3 parts (Kuching, Miri & Bintulu), or possibly 4 parts including my feed back of this trip.

Billy and I, waiting for departure at LCCT. What happened to my eyes? Arr must be making eye contact with Kar Ling.. lol. picture taken by Lit Shiuan.

The trip started off officially after we waved goodbye to KLIA by peeping through the side window of the airplane. There were total 7 of us, sitting the flight to Bintulu.

Billy's acting like some Bollywood stars lol!

We spent our first night at Teresa's house in Bintulu before departing to Kuching.

Took this in the van whilst Uncle Alex (Teresa's father) fetching us to their house ;) From right: Lit Shiuan, Teresa, me, Lai Hoong, Ivan, Kar Ling and Billy.

Because of the tiredness in me, I couldn't wake up in time to join them for breakfast. Thanks to Teresa for tabao some food for 3 of us who didn't wake up early in the morning. :)

Right after we reached Kuching Airport, the taxis brought us to Fata Hotel, a budget hotel we stayed in during our 4 days 3 nights trip in Kuching. After meeting one of our best-tour-guide ever Alvin, we took a walk to Sarawak Museum.

Lai Hoong showing the museum. Isn't she a good poser? :P

Look!! A traditional tribe in Sarawak, with scarry ear piercing and tattoos.

We also did some pepper-buying at Indian Street after having some camwhoring.

Top: The poser beside me, Lit Shiuan. Bottom: Billy's acting really cute. =)

The beef noodles and some deserts we had (combination of cendol, red beans and ABC) at a local hawker center were pretty delicious. I didn't take any picture as I was too hungry lol.

Billy and Ivan. (look at Ivan's semi pro digital camera! Ahh I missed my sis's dSLR!! Sometime it's not that good for just bringing a point-n-shoot during your getaway, you see. You will always miss some nice shots. *sigh)

Anyway, the evening gone by us hanging around at the Riverfront with endless photo-taking.

He's really thirsty, I warn you. (nice acting, Bill! grins*)

Top: Ivan and I. Bottom: Me and Billy nearly "fell" into the little pond.

Ivan was checking out the pics he has taken whilst me being curious what he's looking at.

See! I told you that I'm strong! :P

Even Billy was strong enough to open its mouth. But he's too naughty even the crocodile wanted to bite his head off. *laughs

Lit Shiuan and I.. taken in front of Charles Brooke Statue. Ish..I need to get more sleep to get rid of those ugly dark circles! *cries*

Me and Lai Hoong ;)

We felt quite tired and so we took a ride on a boat to a stall at the other side of the river.

Kar Ling the best poser! :P

That's the little red boat we were riding.

Riverside's night view. Arr that's Hilton! lol.

Now let me tell you a lil' story...
You see, Ivan had bought some pau because he was hungry.

He felt like nausea after eating it as the pau didn't taste that good as it seemed.

So, he thrown it on the floor. But wait!

Poor lil' hungry boy... Let big sista buy u some food :P

p/s: I should really present the best actor award for him, Billy :P

The first night in Kuching ended pretty well with endless laughters and excitements, especially during the drinking session at Havana Cafe. Before heading to Havana, 4 of us (Ivan, Lai Hong, Billy and I) had a nice supper at Spring Forest Restaurant which was very near to our hotel whilst the others were resting in their rooms. Love the prawn cocktail!!

We met Yu Loon and Alvin as well in the next morning and then headed to a kopitiam for breakfast by Yu Loon's car.

The Laksa we had ;) It's yummy.

The Cultural Village was our next stop after breakfast. It was a rather long and bumpy journey as the road was quite winding. Almost all of our attempts trying to take a decent picture failed but we had a good laugh.

See how blurry it is.

A clearer one :)

We saw the Mount Santubong from afar on our way to Cultural Village.

Here's some tools the people used during the old days. Yu Loon and Alvin did some demonstration :) As you seen from the pic, it's one of the traditional houses shown in Cultural Village.

This aunty showing us her amazing clothes making skills.

Group photo :)

Again. This was taken at the Orang Ulu's house. from top to bottom: Billy, Teresa, Lai Hoong, me, Kar Ling and Lit Shiuan (geez u looked shock!)

Some "stunts" they played during the show.

Of course, there were also some traditional dancing representing the different of ethnicity in Malaysia. The show was really nice. :)

After the cultural show, we dropped by each of the traditional houses of different ethnics in Sarawak.

Wind's blowing. Soul's flying. I'm missing you.

Our next stop was Damai Beach at Holiday Inn Resort. I didn't take any picture as I was missing someone while looking blankly at the sea. the wave. feeling the breeze. anything.

We stopped by at a seafood restaurant to fill something into our stomach before heading to a temple, which loosely translated as The Rock of Green Hill. (sorry for my poor vocab)

I risked myself by climbing my way up there lol.

And I couldn't be happier after seeing so many GOLD! Okay.. those are not gold, but foot print of Lord Buddha.(according to Lit shiuan)

We had some Char Kuey and Beef Noodles for dinner and as usual, some beer to cool down us. :) The only thing that disappointed me was the prawns I had (prawn cocktail) were less than the day before. :((

Alwin brought us to a shop for Kolo Mee, on our 3rd day in Kuching. We waited for at least half an hour, only for the seats. Yes! Crazy.

The mee was pretty nice, with pork and its intestine. (yea, I do eat them :p)

After gaining enough energy, we started to do some shopping at the souvenir street. (I forgot the name of the street but oh well, basically it's a street fulled with souvenir shops..)

Stopped by at a temple next to the souvenir street.

What a tiring day. See. Alwin was so tired that he could fall asleep behind the car!:P

Went to Boulevard before going for our dinner. Don't get cheated by its outlook. Alamanda is better than this :P

Delicious Kuey Chap! I really love eating it. And I couldn't resist myself for ordering twice. I know I'm a big eater :P

They had some tomatoes noodles.

Our last night in Kuching spent with camwhoring at Cheng Ho's Garden.

Top: Billy and I. Bottom: Alvin and I :)

And oh, of course, not forgetting the Tequila Pop!! Shiok-ness! :)))

The next morning we had breakfast with Yu Loon and Alvin again before flying off to Bintulu :)
Porridge was what I ate as I was unfeeling well. :( Must be the tequila. heh.

Group photo at Kuching Airport.

Goodbye Kuching. Hello Bintulu and Miri =)
Thanks to Lit Shiuan for taking this pic.. u magically made me look thinner. lol!

I'll be updating more pictures after this. Miri and Bintulu's post coming soon. :)

Monday, January 14, 2008


Hey guys! I'm currently having holidays at Sarawak. Will be back to KL after one more week ;)

So, update soon after I got back from Sarawak ;)

Anyway, I've gotta say the trip to Niah Cave was pretty nice but it's really exhausting!

Friday, January 04, 2008


This is my first post in 2008 and I'm not in the mood of writing about my NYE or uploading the pictures taken during NYE, either way of it.

My head is half bigger now than it used to be. And it filled up with endless floating question marks, all in different size and fonts. Every hair of mine is screaming its way out. The worst part is, my Left Brain has mentally separated with its beloved, the Right Brain. Oh gosh, I hope both of my ears will stick with me still because I'm listening to Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and foolingly trying to find for a rainbow in the dark dark sky.

Let's hope it's a beautiful day tomorrow, guys!