Friday, January 04, 2008


This is my first post in 2008 and I'm not in the mood of writing about my NYE or uploading the pictures taken during NYE, either way of it.

My head is half bigger now than it used to be. And it filled up with endless floating question marks, all in different size and fonts. Every hair of mine is screaming its way out. The worst part is, my Left Brain has mentally separated with its beloved, the Right Brain. Oh gosh, I hope both of my ears will stick with me still because I'm listening to Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and foolingly trying to find for a rainbow in the dark dark sky.

Let's hope it's a beautiful day tomorrow, guys!


Peter said...

I'm all with you!!! ... but I thought your least exam was January 3? Still ongoing!

I'm so happy I have finsihed my exams - since quite long. Have been sufficiently nervous for my kids, but that's now also over!

Peter said...

I trust you right and left brains are now happy together again?

Peter said...

Wake up!!!

Emily Lin said...

Hey Peter! Sorry for not replying ur comment but geeez.. I haven't been online for one freaking week. Because I'm having a trip in Sarawak now. Will be back after one more week. Update coming soon! ;))