Saturday, August 25, 2007


I am generally deeply CLUELESS about EVERYTHING which has been happening in my life lately. I am helpless. And I'm totally alone here. I mean alone, and it's really ALONE. DARN.

Geeez. I need some warm hugs now to calm me down.

Time to sleep. Arghhh.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Of life and...still life

It's been a while since I last wrote a seemingly well-structured post here. Aside from attending my ex-neighbour Yolande's convo on last Monday and some catastrophes here and there, nothing much happened till then. Speaking of the catastrophes, well, I'd better make it short.

Basically here's what had happened over the past 2 weeks:
  1. My father's motorcycle got stolen. It's an old motorcycle but still, there's somebody practically "blind" out there! Never mind, now I can get a ride on a brand new Honda Wave then. :P
  2. The moment before it got stolen, one of my small little car's tires died. I'd had to seek help from the passer-by because I had "suddenly" forgotten how to change a spare tire. Oh well. Bad short-term memory. >.<
  3. After 2 days, the small little car finally got into "hospital". It's not my fault. My dad kept pressing the accelerator when he supposedly should be pressing on break. Anyway, he's all good now. But the small little car doesn't. Hopefully it will be alright by next week.
Oh. And here's one of the pic we took during Yolande's convo. :)

On an unrelated side note, I had received my birthday present from my buddy, Billy, few days back. You couldn't imagine my shocking response of receiving my present practically one month in advance! *shocks*

Anyway it's a pretty good book which might be more than useful to me - The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Thanks Billy. It's my coolest present ever! =)

Well, of course I have a list of my choices of the coolest birthday presents in the world:
  • A digital SLR camera. Probably a Nikon D80 would make me die of happiness. Oh well, since I won't be died of happiness, so it's not going to be happened anyway. Duh.
  • A stack of cash. Perhaps 1K will do me good. I will spend it wisely on buying myself some new clothes and jeans and shoes and make up stuff. [It's impossible to be happened, too. First, I have no jobs. Second, I wouldn't ask that much of money of my parents.] =.=
  • A Deuter Aircontact 45+10 *dreams*
and the list goes on and on...

So, instead of hoping for some unrealistic presents, I decided to hope for something else which is more down-to-earth.

I hope my whole family will be living happily ever after. :)


Current listening: Guns N' Roses - Estranged, November Rain, Knockin' on Heaven's Door.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Specially thanks for Mandy, for choosing my photo as the latest post of Summer Haiku 2007. =)

Thank you so much.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Penang trip

So here's how the story of penang trip started: 2 sisters were chatting through MSN messenger.
Sab: sunday nite want go penang?
Sab: sunday nite going then tuesday back
Sab: with Siew, Lisher they all
Sab: and their friends.. not sure
how many of them
Sab: me going for photo shooting
Emi: Shittttt
Emi: serious? I want I want

Emi: they drive?
Sab: ya.. all
ol and toll pay together
Sab: not sure stay where

Sab: but won't be comfy cos have to save ma

Emi: okok.. n
o problem!

So off we go to Penang! On Sunday night, me and my sister took KTM to Lisher's house to meet the gang and also spent a night at her lovely house because our plan had been rescheduled so we will only start driving on Monday early morning. There were 6 of us squeezing into a Wira on our way back to Lisher's house on Sunday night and god I was wondering hard how we were going to squeeze into it on our trip to Penang! After reaching Lisher's house, I felt relieved. Haha.. cos I'd been told that we were going to drive a bigger car which is able to fit all of us comfortably. =)

After watching a movie called Dead Silence, we felt asleep. It was not that scary after all. But honestly speaking, it did scared me sometime. :P We woke up at 4.30am and started driving at past 5. Siew had forgotten to take his money so we drove back to his hostel to take it. Then, we slept all the way in the car while Siew was driving all the way to Ipoh. We stopped at Ipoh rest station for washroom.

*After we got back the car, my sister asked us to pose with the car. So, Lisher and I ended up posing in front of the car and we looked like some bimbos. -_-""

After the bimbo-attempt, we continued our journey to Penang. It took us 3 hours plus to reach Penang! Well, pretty fast huh? Siew and Lisher did speed but they drove safely. So it's all good. =)

A view of the Penang bridge taken from the inside of the car. A bit shaky though as the car was moving. ^.~

After deciding on which hotel to stay in, we parked our car somewhere and started walking. We wanted to go Lorong Selamat for breakfast but ended up touring around at the Morning Market (Pasar Pagi) somewhere near then. We were full energized and kept
walking and had some photo taking.

A typical street view in Penang. There are bunch of roads whic
h looks totally same to me.

*I kept walking in the morning market.

Finally we stopped in a shop to grap our breakfast. The breakfast was not bad though. After having breakfast and some discussion, we decided to go to Kek Lok Si Temple. Since others in the car were not really used to the Penang road compared with me (I'm bad in remembering roads and etc, but seems like my skills were slightly better than all of them :P), so I had to pin-point the road.

We had some photo taking session while on our way up to Kek Lok Si Temple. Nothing special there and some of the shops have been closed due to the less-crowding weekday.

People kept promoting and asking us to buy their stuffs as we were passing by. But of course we didn't bother much. If you are considering to buy stuff from there, remember to potong harga (bargaining price) with them! If the stuff's price is RM20, you have to "cut" until RM 10. If not you'll get cheated by the over-marked price.

We took some photos when we reached one of the temples.

The weather was so hot and we couldn't stop sweating! So, after walking and sweating like pig for quite some time, we stopped and started shooting photos of ourself instead.

*We love jumping, aren't we? =)

We're the most wicked sisters in da world. :-)

*I seriously love jumping.

We had a short rest at the shaded area of the temple for quite a while. Sitting there and doing nothing but just cam-whoring once in a while making us feeling really sleepy. So some of us suggested to check in the hotel and have a short nap then. Before leaving Kek Lok Si Temple,
we saw some kids walking by and so, we started to wave our hand and say hi to them. They were scared, I guess. I mean, just look at the way they run!!

*Kids running away from us! Are we THAT scary?? :P

The cold shower in the hotel was amazing and refreshing especially on a HOT day like this. I bumped into bed right after taking my shower. I was being waking up by the noise of the laptop which was playing so
me Hong Kong movie and the most important part was - I was starving! As the rest of them were sleeping so nicely, I asked my sister to accompany me for buying something to eat. There we go.

Both of us walked and walked, with a map on my hand. Haha. Actually the map was useless to us. We just walked by using our instinct. :P

We had our meal at a small shop selling porridge. It looks simple but it's delicious. And it's quite cheap, too!

The meal was great and we wanted to have a walk still to burn our fat off, so, we walked further up and we dropped by a temple. Of course, we couldn't stop snapping pictures as we used to.

*Praying hard.

When we almost reached our hotel, we saw a bunch of tourists sitting on the beca (a kind transportation back in the old days;looks somewhat similar to bicycle but it carry 2 passengers. ), and we started to get excited. We haven't tried to ride on a beca yet so we forwarded and asked the u
ncle for the price of riding it. It costs us RM8 and I thought it was quite reasonable. So we sticked out butt on the seats and off we go again. Wohooo! It was an awesome experience as we were heart-bumping because the cars and motors seems gonna bump onto us right on the next seconds!

*Sitting on the beca. Beca is cool, man!

My sis with her new fringe on which seems in a mess because of the blowing wind on her face. Haha. But it does looks cute when it's in good shape lol.

You should try this out next time if you're in Penang. Though there's time when the drivers and people on the road will be keep staring at you. Oh well. Who cares?

After eating and beca-ing, we met up with the gang and started to walk again. This time we walked from 5 something in the evening until 11 something at night. I thought my legs gonna paralyzed because of over-walking. Been walking and walking at the night market of Batu Ferenggi. Before that we'd been walking, too, among the small streets until we finally reached Komtar, a shopping center which is quite distance from
our hotel. It was tiring, but fun.

A snapshot of us in the hotel room before leaving on the next morning.

we had Chendol after checking out from the hotel.

After having the well-known Chendol situated at Jalan Penang, we stopped by the Sleeping Buddha Temple and had some photo taking. Another temple is also situated right opposite it which is the Burmese Temple. Nice statue they have. :)

*Siew, Darren, Me, Lisher and Hao Yee.

*Someone jumped before leaving the temple.

Bye bye Penang!

p/s: Pictures with * sign on were taken by Sab, my dear sis! :)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Jumping all the way

Lately, I can't help myself from falling in love with jumping. According to my dear sister, jumping will make you feel REALLY good. It's awesome!! And god, I'm so addicted to it now.

Today I went to Putrajaya just for the sake of jumping. WAIT.. of course NOT!

Anyway, I did jump at Putrajaya for like, xx times of jumping up and down and kept trying to jump with a decent gesture movement, but failed eventually. =.=

[Notice that my hair looked EXACTLY the same as the flying flags, don't you think so?? >.<"" ] After 15 minutes of jumping, I asked my sister to join me. We put the camera on the floor and shot our jumping motion by using self-timer. *Happiness!!* 2 people jumping happily, hilariously, continuously! =) So toSo guys, pls just ignore the silly-smiley expression of me. [my hair looked EXACTLY the same prevent you guys from getting insomnia tonight, I'm just gonna "reveal" 2 of the LEAST terrifying photos.

Most of the pictures we've got are all hilarious. You can see our hair flying, uncontrolled + funny face expression which caused by the uncontrolled attraction of gravity. I know you're laughing now. I know. PLEASE STOP THAT.

My sis had taken some portraits of me, too. I couldn't think of anything except by showing my blank expression nonstop to the camera. You can just ignore these photos. :p

Anyway, It's time to take some time off cos it's holiday now after all! :) I'm going to spend a few days at Penang starting Sunday with sis and friends. Let's hope I will not be gaining any extra weight. I have had enough of that already. Oh well. See you guys on Tuesday!



Yay.. finally had finished my exam.

I'm free like a bird now! :)

Let's take a sip of some drinks that are definitely gonna make me feeling good. =)