Saturday, August 25, 2007


I am generally deeply CLUELESS about EVERYTHING which has been happening in my life lately. I am helpless. And I'm totally alone here. I mean alone, and it's really ALONE. DARN.

Geeez. I need some warm hugs now to calm me down.

Time to sleep. Arghhh.


Peter said...

Hoping that I'm not wakening you up from your hopefully nice dreams, here are some big (but soft) hugs!!!

Mandy said...

here is a hug from me - send me a few more photos and I'll see what I can use them for.

voch said...

What goes down must come up again... Cheer up ;)

Jiok said...

you know...being clueless or worst, being at the lowest point of your life,....isn't that bad actually.

Yeah, it hurts to see ppl around you to have goals and achievements.

but then, they wont be seeing wat u're looking at in ur downest position. So....yea in a sense, you gain new perspective!

cotton candy said...

warm hugs from me to you! ^^

Emma said...

Clueless, eh? Maybe you need Paul Rudd and a trip to the mall to figure things out. And you should give a nerdy classmate a makeover, too.

Peter said...

No new post? Do you need some more hugs? No problem; you can have as many as you wish!

Emily Lin said...

[Peter] It's so sweet of u! :)

[Mandy] Yea. Will send it to u if I got any. :P

[Voch] Thanks. :))

[Jiok] No I am not being clueless because of ppl around me have goals and achievement. (although sometimes I DO feel so. :p) Just that something which are not really pleasant have happened. And so, I am clueless. But thanks for the words. It made me feel better! :)

[Cotton lady] Thankieee :D

[Emma] Oh that idea of the makeover sounds interesting lol.

Thanks everyone for the concerns and warm hugs. Been so busy with my assignments. (submission on next week!!) Presentations are coming very soon! Will be updating very soon. Am feeling better now. :)

Peter said...

Good news!