Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's September! Woot.

Do I sound excited enough? Yea. I do. Not because of anything good has happened. It's because I am getting nervous and nervous. Tons of assignments and presentations need to be done. I feel like screwing up. Grandpa is feeling better now but he needs to do chemo after being observed for sometime. Hopefully everything goes well.

Anyway, we went to Pizza Hut to celebrate Kar Ling's 21st birthday on Wednesday. After bloating ourself with pizzas and stuff, they took out the cakes. Only then I knew it's not only for Kar Ling's celebration, but it's including Ivan and me! Oh well. Surprise surprise. :)) Thanks Teresa, Billy, Jasmyin, Lit Shiuan, Kar Ling, Laura and Ivan. =) Hmm. I wonder what will I do and where I will be on my 21st birthday? Okay, enough of rambling already.

Time to wish other September babies. *I have a memory of goldfish, so do remind me if I drop out you. :)*
Happy birthday in-advance to: Sabrina, My Dad, Yily, Ivan, Jasmyin, and PK!! =)

Pictures time.

-->> Laura, Lit Shiuan, me, Kar Ling, Ivan, Jasmyin, Teresa

Here's chocolate banana, blueberry cheese, high-fibre cheese, white choc, and marble cheese. =) The joy of sharing! [actually we couldn't finish up the whole cake so we decided to buy different flavor of them. We're smart, aren't we? :P]

Time to blow the candles! *Kar Ling, blow harder!! :D

Woot. Happy Kar Ling. With the bracelet given by us on her hand. =)


Peter said...

I'm so happy to see you moving - and blogging - again... and, especially, SMILING!

Still 20, makes me dream about past years!

narrowband said...

I am happy it's September too :p It simply means the year is drawing to an end and 2008 is coming!!

Hmm, candles on each slice of cake... that's new :p

cotton candy said...

september means spring for me!! (and unfortunately, it also means hayfever - lol =p)

meanwhile, you have my sympathy!! i just finished mid-semester exams and my gosh, i now have tons of assignments piling up to be due, starting from this wed. ><" eek!!

good luck dearest!!

Emily Lin said...

Peter: I'm gonna be 21 soon!!=) Another stepping stone of life perhaps? Oh well.

Narrowband: Yea.. time flies. :/ Well, there were 3 candles in total. So it's just enough for us. :P

Cotton Candy: Spring soon? You must be really happy cos you can get rid of the thick clumsy sweater and change on the sweet lil' dress eh?
Thanks for your sympathy =) Now rushing on the assignments and will be having final exams after that. Geez! :/

Good luck to you too =)

Peter said...

21 is still a nice age. Wish I had some 43 less!

cotton candy said...

re: i use photoshop for my photos in order to create the polaroid frames.

cotton candy said...

RE: ooh!! could you please tell me what jap street fashion blogs you read??

Emily Lin said...

Peter: Well, 64 is a great number too! =)