Saturday, September 15, 2007

Throw It All Away

Just finished watching Charlotte's Web. It's a nice movie with a cute, humble little pig in it, who named Wilbur. If you were wondering what friendship is all about, go watch this movie. =)

Well, the effect of the overdose chocolate is still on. It ain't feel good. :(

Been traveling everyday from home to campus all the way because I need to spend more time at home. Things haven't been easy but life still carries on. After staying upfor the whole night (I've been staying up throughout the night for like, few days already?), I finally done with the assignment, together with another group mate. It was tiring. But what to do? I've got no choice. And now, I need to re-do it because the tutor asked us so. Need to support our findings with more journal. Argh. What's with the Organizational Behavior. Did I pissed you off? So now you're taking the revenge on me, by throwing me more tasks to be done? No, obviously.

Bah. *humming Throw It All Away*

There's other stuff been happening lately. I sincerely hope my dear rommies will get over the problem she's facing now. And so does Jasmyin, my dear housemate. Get well soon~! :))

While I was doing some blog-hopping, I found Nicole Chocoa Heaven. Now I am all inspired by her guts for traveling over the globe, mostly by herself. Imagine that! I have always thinking about traveling to everywhere, enjoying the life at different places, and discovering new things. Oh well. I just need to do this! I need to do this. Em just gotta do thissss!!

Just grab your bag and off we go!! lol.

Wait. Of course not that easy anyway, money comes first *wink*. And whole lost of guts.

So, I've been busy doing some part-time jobs during the weekend - if I happened to get one. Been working as some Extra in some commercial shooting. You get quick money, but I warn you, it's not an easy job for sitting there the whole day, doing nothing but just wait and wait for the standby. Here's what I did while waiting for the shooting:
- sitting there and waiting for like few hours.
- listening to my iPod
- sleeping
- eating (the foods weren't that good. but I've got no choice lol.)
- sitting and waiting, still
- chatting with friends (thank God they were together with me!)
- looking at people (there's some hot chicks and hunks here and there lol.)
- and still - sleeping >.<

Well, IF I were fairer, prettier, hotter, slimmer and taller, I would have worked as a "Show Girl" in some roadshows or product-promoting events, wearing some tube top and mini skirts LOL.

Oh well. Too bad I don't!!! :((

*God knows why- simply because I don't own any of that characteristics lol*

If not, I would have had stacks of money in my pocket now, and off we go to travel around the world! Lalala.

Can't imagine I just wrote all these. Enough of the ranting. Going to bed now. Patient needs to get some rest. :D


cotton candy said...

assignments. assessments. you have my empathy. it's awful!! and im also in for it for the next few weeks. oh dearest me ><"

Peter said...

To get into better mood, I think you should have a small amount of chocolate (not too much I said!) and then start jumping again! I liked so much when we saw you jumping and you looked so happy!

keeyit said...

Things haven't been easy but life still carries on. That's why we need to spice up our daily life and live happily.

IF I were fairer, prettier, hotter, slimmer and taller... IF.. every girls also wish to be that... Me too actually.. Any way, I believe you are sure the most unique one from your parents, your friends, your love one's heart. :D


Peter said...

Hi Emily! Thinking about you and wishing to see you back soon! So disappointed - and a little bit worried - when there is nothing new here!

Emily Lin said...

Cotton Lady: Now I finally have some times off. But final starting soon!! >.<

Peter: Don't worry. Sometime I've just been a lil' busy or just being lazy to update it on a daily basis. I know I should be more productive and stop procrastinating now! :P

Kee Yit: Yea, I think so. :p Everyone is the most unique one to the people around them. :)