Monday, March 08, 2010

The shooting star

The moment when you see a shooting star crossing over the sky, you'll know that...

"This is it".

Monday, February 22, 2010

when the wave hits the shore

i want to lie down by a beach and listen to the sound of sea.

i have literally no life except working my ass off everyday since this beginning of the month, since i've started working. almost everyday i walk out of the Company whilst greeting to the start-of-night.

there was time when i awoke way before dusk just because i was dreaming about my long to-do list on the next day.

i think my hormone becomes imbalance too.

now all i want is listen to the sound of sea.

it sounds heavenly when the wave hits the shore.

my sanctuary, which i couldn't find for now.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!

It's SK's big day today :) I have been spending my day at home whilst he's working. And no meetup after work since he'll be having dinner with his buddies and we had a simple celebration (no candles & no cake. we should have ordered one but were both bloated and tipsy.) over the dinner yesterday.

We decided to go for Italian course and Italian On the Sixth at Pavilion was our choice. Other than a scene related to the wine we had and a not-so-friendly waitress, it was a great night.

We had the whole restaurant with us (well, for 2/3 of the time) while sipping the '06 Pinot Noir.

One of the best dishes of the night has to be this caesar salad. It was heavenly! The black vinegar was an added excellent touch. And don't begin with the cheese. Oh my.

Another excellent dish would be this seafood pasta. The taste of fried garlic mixed with the freshness of seafood and pasta with olive oil was just SO right.

Cheese pizza was okay and could be better.

And we managed to go back safely after finished a whole bottle of wine.

Happy birthday, my dear. I can't offer you much things but I'll be here for you always.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A fresh start

I'm a slow person and so, I've only decided to mark down my resolution for the 2010. Not here, may be in my new Midori Traveler's Notebook. Yea, that's the name. Cool right? I like the concept of the book very much and so I bought it at Tokyu Hands during my trip to Japan. I made a right choice, although it's not as cheap as Moleskine.

Anyways, I just got back from Japan three days ago and I've started to miss it already. The weather has become colder and colder but I loved it! Although sometimes I dressed like a polar bear but I'm still loving the weather! Now, I'm back here, back to the friggin' hot weather again. Bah.

Went to 1Utama yesterday accompanying mum for some CNY shopping. The grey handbag she got reminds me of my grey MBMJ working bag. She got it for only RM80. That's a really good deal.

Now I need to continue my cleaning job. My desk and my room is in a mess. Catastrophe.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My dream house

Today I'm on medical leave as I just went for wisdom tooth surgery. So I have been staying home and resting because of the surgery's aftermath. No I would not talk about the surgery as it's scary and I still have dull ache after taking the pain killer pills.

Anyways, since I have some time to kill, I then checked out Flickr for some pictures browsing. And so I began looking at the pools of interior design and related subjects. Oh well, heaven knows I have been secretly thinking about how would my dream house be like.

In my dream, I can see mainly white colour, mixing with other earthy/ random colour. It's such a simple yet refreshing colour.

The interior must not be over dramatic, it's not something that I would prefer and I think it's not my style afterall.

Here are some settings that I heart:

Living room: love the white fur carpet and the random cushions on the white sofa.

I heart every little detail of this living space, the white chair incorporating with the cozy sofa, the white shelves, the greenery and the warm fireplace (picture courtesy of Jeana)

Oh the natural sunlight! And the book shelves! I would love to spend my whole evening there reading and knitting.

Dining space: A studio-like setting which I think is pretty cool. Love the chairs!

I said I'm not fancy of dramatic design, but I have a thing on crystal chandelier. I just cannot stop looking at it. Again, love the eclectic setting of the chairs, the lovely white flowers and the black-and-white portraits on the wall.

Kitchen: Oh I always wish there is a center island in my kitchen!

Work space: Who would not love working in this quaintly space?

Lastly, there must be peonies in the house.
I heart peonies :)

Now I shall come back to reality, and continue working on my secret project.

(Note: all pictures are courtesy of Flickr unless stated wise.)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Comment ca va?

Hey ya (if there's still anyone reading this). I've abandoned the blog for the longest time, I know. Guess I've lost my mojo in blogging /writing since the past year. Sometimes when something really strike me up in my mind, I just couldn't state them down in words before I could still remember.

Hence, the longest-ever hiatus up to date. Hmm, what an excuse.

So. Life's been good for me, if the working life doesn't count. I have started working since June when I was still soaking in the holiday mood which I've always longed for. The typical working hours and workload just couldn't make me smile and laugh from the bottom of my heart anymore like those days back in my uni life.

Sounds like I don't satisfy enough for my job. Yea, I guess? Maybe I am not sure with the path that I'm walking on right now; whether is it wise for me to stand still for..say... the next 5 years. I just keep thinking whether I will be sick it or regret of choosing this. I am STILL sucks at making choices if I really don't have a concrete idea of it. Anyway, sometimes I would think that this career path has good potential, definitely and will always be challenging despite some of its seemingly-tedious daily routine work. The point of this path is, you have to deal with PEOPLE, poeple and people - both internal and external ''customers''. But of course, management skill is utterly important; same goes to decision-making, multi-tasking, and pandai-pandai ing (that's what I think a freshie should have, as normally we freshie would never learn to say ''no'' to those tasks which are not within your work area).

So, be pandai-pandai at all times if not you will just end up NOT finishing the things that you are supposed to do.

When you are not getting right-things done, you are just not doing the right things.

"What is your ideal working place? And what is your dream job or at least having a job which will make you a happy person?"

Those are some of the questions running in my mind now.

Less than 3 months I'll be done with my contract job and HOPEFULLY I could have a holiday to loosen up my mind for quite a bit.

But that said, I should start looking for another job if I'm not staying in my current company. Hmm... now off to bed..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009