Thursday, November 26, 2009

My dream house

Today I'm on medical leave as I just went for wisdom tooth surgery. So I have been staying home and resting because of the surgery's aftermath. No I would not talk about the surgery as it's scary and I still have dull ache after taking the pain killer pills.

Anyways, since I have some time to kill, I then checked out Flickr for some pictures browsing. And so I began looking at the pools of interior design and related subjects. Oh well, heaven knows I have been secretly thinking about how would my dream house be like.

In my dream, I can see mainly white colour, mixing with other earthy/ random colour. It's such a simple yet refreshing colour.

The interior must not be over dramatic, it's not something that I would prefer and I think it's not my style afterall.

Here are some settings that I heart:

Living room: love the white fur carpet and the random cushions on the white sofa.

I heart every little detail of this living space, the white chair incorporating with the cozy sofa, the white shelves, the greenery and the warm fireplace (picture courtesy of Jeana)

Oh the natural sunlight! And the book shelves! I would love to spend my whole evening there reading and knitting.

Dining space: A studio-like setting which I think is pretty cool. Love the chairs!

I said I'm not fancy of dramatic design, but I have a thing on crystal chandelier. I just cannot stop looking at it. Again, love the eclectic setting of the chairs, the lovely white flowers and the black-and-white portraits on the wall.

Kitchen: Oh I always wish there is a center island in my kitchen!

Work space: Who would not love working in this quaintly space?

Lastly, there must be peonies in the house.
I heart peonies :)

Now I shall come back to reality, and continue working on my secret project.

(Note: all pictures are courtesy of Flickr unless stated wise.)


CheeWay said...

at last updated huh?

i was thinking to stop checking this blog if it is not update today.

luckily you update.. else you will lose one reader.

all those houses are nice. but hard to maintain. i wish i have one like that too..

but cleaning it will be a bigger mess..

aprill4may said...
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aprill4may said...

agree to cheeWay ,
White house too hard to maintain.
Imagine that later day I'll bring my own little PP or Hana come to your house ............wooo`~

Peter said...

Wow!! Emily has posted!!!

It's nice to dream and plan!

Jiok said...

nice....i like ur dream house

Rika said...

White is cool~! Your dream house is so cozy yet trendy! I would love to do one post on it though. hehe.