Monday, January 18, 2010

A fresh start

I'm a slow person and so, I've only decided to mark down my resolution for the 2010. Not here, may be in my new Midori Traveler's Notebook. Yea, that's the name. Cool right? I like the concept of the book very much and so I bought it at Tokyu Hands during my trip to Japan. I made a right choice, although it's not as cheap as Moleskine.

Anyways, I just got back from Japan three days ago and I've started to miss it already. The weather has become colder and colder but I loved it! Although sometimes I dressed like a polar bear but I'm still loving the weather! Now, I'm back here, back to the friggin' hot weather again. Bah.

Went to 1Utama yesterday accompanying mum for some CNY shopping. The grey handbag she got reminds me of my grey MBMJ working bag. She got it for only RM80. That's a really good deal.

Now I need to continue my cleaning job. My desk and my room is in a mess. Catastrophe.


Peter said...

So your 2010 promises remain a secret - to us!
I have given up the new year resolutions, based on experience! :-)

CheeWay said...

Your should tell us your resolutions. We will remind you from time to time:P

update more often la:P