Friday, May 25, 2007

Captain Jack is back!

He is back!! And he is still as amusing as he always is.

I've watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End, yesterday night. I've gotta say my precious sleeping time were not wasted at all! I'd better cut my crap on describing the story. If you had seen the precious 2, you'd better go and watch this, now! :D

Anyway, somewhere around the middle of the movie, the story was actually quite confusing sometimes. But, I still love this movie very much :) [biased :p]

Oh before the movie started, we were wandering around the mall and taking mindless pictures. Now it's time to let us entertain you guys.

Our 1st attempt: drool on the dress displayed.

Our 2nd attempt: Act like a couple.

So, how's our acting skills? :p I suppose it's bad bad bad.

God, I'll start working as a part-timer in a bookfair starting tomorrow! -_-"
I'll update my blog as often as I can, hopefully. :)
Oh, and hopefully I'll have some "special mood" to make me write some so-called poem soon.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

At last!

Hi guys!! I'm back!! At last I've done with my final exams. *Phew* Finally it has come to an end. Wohooo.. I'm exhausted and having severe headache currently which's making me couldn't stop banging my head off the wall, but now I've got to prepare for dinner with my cousin and my sister at Midvaley. Yay.. And not to mention we're going to watch a movie! :D Well, today is the sneak preview of Pirates of the Caribbean. But I guess the ticket will be sold out by the time I got there anyway. So will be watching Blades of the Glory, perharps. Has anyone seen this movie before? Is it nice?

Ok.. will be back to cyberspace after tomorrow. I missed it soooo much!

Till then~ cheers!

Friday, May 18, 2007

What's life all about?

Life is just like a journey on a boat,
the moment we get inside it,
we just don't know where are we heading to,
when is the end of the day of our journey.

We just keep looking ahead,
keep looking ahead and praying hard,
that our sailing to the Neverland is going to be exciting,
just wonderfully amusing,
but not letting you down.

There might be some climax of your life,
where you know you are engaging yourself into these,
and you're scared,
but feeling excited.

You're scared that you couldn't bear the pressure,
you're scared you couldn't bear the heightness,
right when the boat is going up the Hill,
the Hill which you could hardly see the culminate.

When the cloud has faded away,
now you can see clearly,
where you are, exactly.

"Hey.. wait a minute.. I'm at the climax now, am I?"

Right on the next second,
the boat has gotten you to the lowest point of the sea level.
You just hardly breath.

You wanted to,
but just couldn't manage to get any air.
You're suffocating..
to death.

I need some fresh air now. I just don't want to be alone. At least there's someone who's sitting behind me, on the boat.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh God I've had a long hair!

Ranting time.

Well, I'm suppose to be studying instead of blogging here. But see what I've found in my laptop??


Oh my my.. Now only I realised I've had such a long hair before this. But I've cut it off. This photo was taken during my part-time teaching job in kindergarten.

Why I cut it off? Just simply because the weather is hot and I want a new hair style badly.

I like the long hair. But I much prefer the short-hair me though some people still prefer the long-hair me.

What do ya think?

p/s: Gotta go back to study. I wished I could burn the books and notes!! Burn them all!! But I couldn't because I don't want to fail my exams :(

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Missing in action

I'll be gone for a while. Well, surely you know what's happening if you have read my previous post.
Will be back soon. But I'll be updating my other blog - Malaysia Daily Photo. So drop by there if you're free :)

Till then, adieu.

p/s: It's me and my cousin walking in the forest. I've got loads of pictures wanted to share with you guys. But too bad I've got to go now. See ya!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I can't stop banging my head on the wall

Warning. This is a ranting and rambling post of my coming final tests. Final exam is just around the corner and I am suppose to study right this moment. But I just couldn't make it. I am tired. Back from swimming and eating dinner.

I should eat a cheesecake just now. It would make me feel better.

Yesterday dropped by my friend's place to check out something. And yes I've got something awesome. Well it's about J-pop music. Rock bands from Japan. I am gonna write about it soon. Maybe :p

This is my friend [anonymous] who is majoring in Japanese now, playing her guitar. She was playing Wonderwall by OASIS, YUI's songs, and The Cranberries. [If I'm not mistaken] But anyway not really remember what else song she played though because I was concentrating and attempting to shoot some "viewable" pictures of her and the guitar, but failed in the end :(

I just wanna sleep. I don't wanna study anymore. GOD, I am having a test tomorrow.

Ok. Time to sleep. Nites.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

My second blog

I've just started another blog which named "Malaysia Daily Photo" and I'll be posting one single picture taken in Malaysia everyday. [I'll try my best to update it on a daily basis cos my final exam is just around the corner and I haven't studied anything yet] Hopefully it wouldn't turn out like my previous second blog [the stupid so-called fashion blog :p]

Have a look if you're free :) It would be lovely if you leave any contributive comment on my picture. Thank you very much and have a nice day :D

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I'm obsessing over these...

It has been a long time since I went clubbing. I think my tendon has harden or something and I could hardly dance decently cos I've been 1 1/2 year never been to any dance floor. -_-" You must be wondering what a boring life I had.

Not anymore now :p I've been to Aloha for clubbing 2 days ago. And now I'm lying on my bed writing this post due to exessive horrible dancing session at Aloha. *literally*

Anyway, no pictures for Aloha cos the dummy me had left my camera at home -_-"

But I had a blast there! :D

The music was great, the dancing session was awesome, but if I wore something nicer, it could be perfect. Okay, I wore a black baby-T cos I didn't bring any nice clothes to hostel. Not any sleeveless top. Duh.

Now I'm browsing over the internet and I've found so many beautiful top! How great if I wore that! And that!

Oh this is LOT better than my black baby t-shirt.

Chloe sccop neck blouse

Or this 3.1 Phillip Lim rosette detail top:

I think it would look lovely if paired with any shorts.

Here's other top I'm drooling over now.

BCBG Max Azria willow floral v-neck camisole

Chloe raffia trimmed dress

Jovovich-hawk cameo cotton blouse

This sexy-sizzling-hot red top:

Marc by marc jacobs Elsie silk camisole

Milly tropical print halter top

This Marc by marc jacobs maired dot sundress is so cute, with a lil' bit of vintage feeling as well.

Oh I should stop obsessing over Marc by MJ after this lovely poppy halterneck dress and I should look at the sexy black instead - Miu Miu cotton camisole top. Or a Vera Wang jewel embellished silk blouse.

I would buy all these when I've got $5837209. But my purse says $0.


[Pictures taken from net-a-porter.]

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Theme park escapade

This post is quite a bit late as I have been quite busy these 2 days. Yesterday I went to the Wesak Day Procession as a volunteer. My job was to keep the crowd in order. It was kinda bored but I was happy cos at least I've contributed something rather than sitting at home doing nothing, right? :p Anyway, Sunday was the day I screamed my heart out and had fun all the way from morning till evening at Genting Highland.

The weather was nice in the morning. It was chilling and I just couldn't stop shaking. We enjoyed our rides on the roller coaster, space shot and etc. Screaming and yelling was what we did and it seemed like the whole theme park could hear it cos we screamed SO LOUD. So loud until my throat had almost lost its voice and I could just merely speak softly. Haha.

If not wasn't because of the rain, we would have gone for the space shot and roller coaster for the third ride. Oh. What a waste.

Went to a steakhouse at SK before we headed home and we had a decent dinner there. Lamb chop was nice and juicy :))

Here's the outcome of our camwhoring and some photo taking at Genting.

Yen Shan and I just got out from the so-boring-and-nothing-to-be-scared-of ghost house.

Yee Leng from the left, Yen Shan, me and Shou Mei posing in front of the artificial waterfall.

Quick snap of us in the "boat" before got ourselves wet.

Haha.. that was Shou Mei and her cousin.

Me again.

Hugging hugging~

Us again.

We were too bored so we snapped the picture of our "beautiful" shoes?! Guess which one is me?

Me and Yee Leng..

Notice the goldfish necklace? I was being chased away from the picture cos I'd forgotten to wear that :p