Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh God I've had a long hair!

Ranting time.

Well, I'm suppose to be studying instead of blogging here. But see what I've found in my laptop??


Oh my my.. Now only I realised I've had such a long hair before this. But I've cut it off. This photo was taken during my part-time teaching job in kindergarten.

Why I cut it off? Just simply because the weather is hot and I want a new hair style badly.

I like the long hair. But I much prefer the short-hair me though some people still prefer the long-hair me.

What do ya think?

p/s: Gotta go back to study. I wished I could burn the books and notes!! Burn them all!! But I couldn't because I don't want to fail my exams :(


ah yuan said...

Emily, you look pretty in long hair! ^^ I'll tell you more if I have the chance to see you in person! :p

Peter said...

Maybe you have to put two comparative close-ups if you really want an opinion. However, I'm sure you look lovely with as well long as short hair. Now, ir you are feeling well with the short version, just be happy about it!

Yes, keep studying!! You will perhaps have more time for blogging later.

Mash said...

long hair looks good on you but don't worry ,hair push back very quickly (sorry i dont know how to say that in english)

CC said...

asian kids are the cutest...

Emily Lin said...

Yuan: Really? haha.. Perharps I shall pay you a visit when you're back to Malaysia? :p And I bring you go to eat kajang satay :p

Peter: Thanks for the lovely comment :) And I'm feeling really well with the short version! And I'm really happy with it just that somehow I missed my long hair.(sometimes)

Mash: Thanks for visiting and the lovely comment. Hair do grows quickly but I'm planning to cut it short again :)

Cc: Yea! They are adorable! And thanks for stopping by :)

ah yuan said...

Emily, that's so kind of you!! I bet your hair will be long (if you start keeping them now! :p) by then! Wow! Kajang satay!! Yummy! Will force cheewei to give me a lift from Penang!! muahahaha!

Tan said...

for the sake of kajang's satay!! yeah u look nicer with long hair!!!

hahaha! jus kidding..well i think long/short hair suits u pretty well.

Emily Lin said...

Yuan: Well, maybe I'll still be short hair by then? :p Haha I'll treat you if you bring me to tour around Penang.. or perharps offering a place for me to stay, example: your lovely house. Mwuahahaha.. :p

Chee Wei: What?! Oh noooo I'm looking "nicer" in long hair, for the sake of satay?? why why why? Oh BTW, when did I offer you free Satay treat huh? :p

haha.. just kidding :p and thanks for the comment :))

Anonymous said...


u look much better in long hair


u look like middle age woman that got married young to rich guy with that short hair..:P

just my cents:p


Emily Lin said...

OMG OMG OMG.... *fainted*

What's with that description?! - "You look like middle age woman that got married young to rich guy with that short hair..:P"

Don't get me scream ur name out Teoh Chee Way~! :p Anyway, I don't care. I like short, still :p And it sounds not bad too if I've got married to some rich guy eh?! Hahaha

Anonymous said...

errmm...u go to supermarket and see all the auntie got nothing to do but only with a long wallet in hand...all wearing three-quarter jeans and with short hair:P...sound like ur style rite...:P like u rite:P

now only i realise the kids all look alike:P


ym said...

study study hard hard... we come out coffee again after ur exams!!! :D

u will do ur best rite? ;) hehe...

Emily Lin said...

Frankly speaking, I couldn't concentrate my mind in reading the books T.T