Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Theme park escapade

This post is quite a bit late as I have been quite busy these 2 days. Yesterday I went to the Wesak Day Procession as a volunteer. My job was to keep the crowd in order. It was kinda bored but I was happy cos at least I've contributed something rather than sitting at home doing nothing, right? :p Anyway, Sunday was the day I screamed my heart out and had fun all the way from morning till evening at Genting Highland.

The weather was nice in the morning. It was chilling and I just couldn't stop shaking. We enjoyed our rides on the roller coaster, space shot and etc. Screaming and yelling was what we did and it seemed like the whole theme park could hear it cos we screamed SO LOUD. So loud until my throat had almost lost its voice and I could just merely speak softly. Haha.

If not wasn't because of the rain, we would have gone for the space shot and roller coaster for the third ride. Oh. What a waste.

Went to a steakhouse at SK before we headed home and we had a decent dinner there. Lamb chop was nice and juicy :))

Here's the outcome of our camwhoring and some photo taking at Genting.

Yen Shan and I just got out from the so-boring-and-nothing-to-be-scared-of ghost house.

Yee Leng from the left, Yen Shan, me and Shou Mei posing in front of the artificial waterfall.

Quick snap of us in the "boat" before got ourselves wet.

Haha.. that was Shou Mei and her cousin.

Me again.

Hugging hugging~

Us again.

We were too bored so we snapped the picture of our "beautiful" shoes?! Guess which one is me?

Me and Yee Leng..

Notice the goldfish necklace? I was being chased away from the picture cos I'd forgotten to wear that :p


Carolina Lange said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Emily Lin said...

Yea I had a GREAT time there! I should have screamed louder anyway :p
Thanks for dropping by Carolina :D