Wednesday, May 23, 2007

At last!

Hi guys!! I'm back!! At last I've done with my final exams. *Phew* Finally it has come to an end. Wohooo.. I'm exhausted and having severe headache currently which's making me couldn't stop banging my head off the wall, but now I've got to prepare for dinner with my cousin and my sister at Midvaley. Yay.. And not to mention we're going to watch a movie! :D Well, today is the sneak preview of Pirates of the Caribbean. But I guess the ticket will be sold out by the time I got there anyway. So will be watching Blades of the Glory, perharps. Has anyone seen this movie before? Is it nice?

Ok.. will be back to cyberspace after tomorrow. I missed it soooo much!

Till then~ cheers!


ah yuan said...

Yipppiiieee!! No more exams!! Enjoy yourself girl! I want to watch Johnny Depp as well!! I love him!! :p

Peter said...

So happy to see that you have finsihed your exams an again will be more available for us!

... and hopefully will publish a new poem!

But first, take your time, relax, enjoy the movies, the good eating, the drinking, being with friends!!!

ym said...

hohoho.. someone finished exam liao... can kacau liao... can go coffee liao... hohoho

Emily Lin said...

Yuan: He's just so wicked. And this is SO cool. :p

Peter: Yea.. finally I've finished it. I'll write one, soon. Hopefully. :D

Ym: haha. Yea.. It has been a loooong time since our last coffee outing lol