Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I can't stop banging my head on the wall

Warning. This is a ranting and rambling post of my coming final tests. Final exam is just around the corner and I am suppose to study right this moment. But I just couldn't make it. I am tired. Back from swimming and eating dinner.

I should eat a cheesecake just now. It would make me feel better.

Yesterday dropped by my friend's place to check out something. And yes I've got something awesome. Well it's about J-pop music. Rock bands from Japan. I am gonna write about it soon. Maybe :p

This is my friend [anonymous] who is majoring in Japanese now, playing her guitar. She was playing Wonderwall by OASIS, YUI's songs, and The Cranberries. [If I'm not mistaken] But anyway not really remember what else song she played though because I was concentrating and attempting to shoot some "viewable" pictures of her and the guitar, but failed in the end :(

I just wanna sleep. I don't wanna study anymore. GOD, I am having a test tomorrow.

Ok. Time to sleep. Nites.


Emma said...

Jeez, reading your blog is like seeing inside my head. Only it's nicer on your blog.
I want cheesecake as well, and I too have a test and an essay due tomorrow but instead am procrastinating on fab blogs like your own.

dijah said...

Thats a nice picture of the guitar!I'm dead jealous of your dSLR!hehehe.
Good luck in your Final Exam!

ah yuan said...

Bet the test is over! Party time!! :p

Emily Lin said...

Not yet Yuan.. My final will starts on nex week.. :( Now I'm going crazy..

alluretone said...

i've been wanting to go to the cheesecake factory forever..

Peter said...

Maybe I haven't followed your blog well enough. What kind of exams? You will have to tell us when it's all over and you start celebrating.

Emily Lin said...

Peter: I'm currently studying for my university's final exam. It's pretty torturing and I've gone crazy. Will blog about anything like nobody business after it's over :D