Monday, September 29, 2008

Love at first sight

I'm in love with this Opening Ceremony Suede & Elastic Strapped Sandals.. It has grey colour (my fav colour!) mixed with black, not a fabulous one but I loveee it. It has chunky heel too, which is very easy to walk in.


As seen in, it gonna cost me a bomb, a nuclear bomb.

A freaking £165 which equals to RM1023.


Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Pocky Day

I've got wet just now when collecting this parcel at the courier office in Bangi. It's been raining heavily today. But it has been a good day for me as sister moved back to home and I accidentally bumped into my secondary classmate (whom I had a little crush on back then. lol) during lunch. Of course, the main reason is the bf has sent me some nice Pocky to me (yay) .

I LOVE eating Pocky. It's the best snack ever! =)) Oh and finally I have a better webcam and brand new headset when skype-ing! (the attached webcam in the laptop has a quite blurish view) Yes, it's the QuickCam Pro9000 I've been eyeing on ;) Thanks my dear!

He also sent me a lipbalm (made in Jpn) which I claimed different from those Nivea back in M'sia (made in USA). It is less sticky than those Nivea's sold in here, which lead to why I stealed his Nivea's for my own usage and put aside my Nivea's. lol. I know it's weird and they should be all the same but, I can feel the difference when putting them on my lips. Anyways, I wanted the normal daily use version but he bought me this: -

with SPF18 PA+, how thoughtful he is as I really drive a lot :))

Now, back to my Pocky and drama time! Till then~

Friday, September 19, 2008

Beautiful Love - 蔡健雅

词曲作者:曲:FIR阿沁 词:葛大为 编:Adam Lee 监:马毓芬

看住时间 别让它再流浪
从前我 太适应悲伤
你的出现 在无意中 
却深深 撼动我
一起走着 没说什么 心是满足的

这个世界 随时都要崩塌
我没有 其他的愿望
假如明天将消失了 趁现在我爱着
只想记得 被你抱着 温热的感受

Love's beautiful so beautiful
我失去过 更珍惜拥有
多庆幸我是我 被你疼爱的我
紧紧牵住的手 不要放手 永远守护我

Love's beautiful so beautiful
我很快乐 你会了解我
我不会再哭泣 是因为我相信
我们勇敢的爱着 每秒钟
都能证明 一生的美丽

Love's beautiful so beautiful

爱上了, 我不保留.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I've been missing you guys!

After having 3 months + of working life, finally it comes to an end. Now I am enjoying (sort of) a 2 months' break and kicking my ass to work on my internship report. It was fun to hang out with some friends who I have been missing of. My birthday was not happening at all but I was glad that I still have my dear accompanying me through out the day (Skype is the best). Thanks for your prezzie and the flowers, and come back soon! Miss you! :(

And of course, my dear friends... Teresa and Billy =)

We went to Donrae, a Korean restaurant in Hartamas. Nice!

My lovely cousin.. Yee Wen :) at Sushi Groove (no second time, please!)

Me :) eating curry katsu don but it was pretty ___ [insert :( word of your own]

My ex-piano teacher.. We still hang out from time to time. =)

... And.. I would like to thank those who have msg-ed / facebook-ed me for wishing me... =)

Till then!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

It was a bizarre Wednesday. The day began with bringing our new puppy, Mollie to vet. She has been sick since last Thursday, the first day we brought her home. It was the third vet that we've visited; seeing there's no progress after consuming those medicine. The vet advised us to hospitalize her as she has been vomiting and having bloody diarrhea on and off. Although it was a negative on the "Pavrovirus" test on last Friday during the first vet-visit; the third vet suspected it's probably the Pavrovirus that making her becoming weaker and weaker. God, I was helpless when I heard about this. Mum wanted to return her to the seller; frightening that Mollie might not be able to make it. We don't want to see her goes. But as the whole situation is so complicated if we do not return her, plus her chance of surviving is a 50-50. How I hate 50-50. This percentage kills people.

And so, we returned Mollie to the seller, asking him to continue medical treatment on Mollie.

We couldn't bare for losing her from us. I will miss those curly choco hair of yours and your playfulness.

I know you would be able to make it, Mollie. Just hang on. We love you.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Yay.. Finally I have mood to update the blog.. I think probably because I can have some peace of mind for now. My lecturer just visited me for site visit today. It was great except I sucked up during presentation. Haha. Was nervous to think twice of what I was talking about (It could be better.sad. oh well) - as the my lecturer is The Mr. Omar.(I was like omg when I found out he's my academic advisor). But anyways, he is one of the best lecturer I have ever encountered with; attending his class is very interesting. And he seems like knows EVERYTHING. Seriously.

But anyhow, my Head of Department and my supervisor really saved me. They're the best heee ;p

Oh and I just text-ed him to thank him for coming over, and guess what, he said something nice it made my day =))))

I am so happy haha. But how la, so many outstanding pics and posts....