Friday, September 19, 2008

Beautiful Love - 蔡健雅

词曲作者:曲:FIR阿沁 词:葛大为 编:Adam Lee 监:马毓芬

看住时间 别让它再流浪
从前我 太适应悲伤
你的出现 在无意中 
却深深 撼动我
一起走着 没说什么 心是满足的

这个世界 随时都要崩塌
我没有 其他的愿望
假如明天将消失了 趁现在我爱着
只想记得 被你抱着 温热的感受

Love's beautiful so beautiful
我失去过 更珍惜拥有
多庆幸我是我 被你疼爱的我
紧紧牵住的手 不要放手 永远守护我

Love's beautiful so beautiful
我很快乐 你会了解我
我不会再哭泣 是因为我相信
我们勇敢的爱着 每秒钟
都能证明 一生的美丽

Love's beautiful so beautiful

爱上了, 我不保留.


Anonymous said...

俺は絶対にあなたのことが好きです。心配しなくでもいい。i love u .

Peter said...

I tried the Babel Fish translation: "Looked the time do not let it roam about formerly I too to adapt again is sad you the appearance in actually deeply to shake me to walk together accidentally had not been saying is assorted the heart ..."

I believe you could possibly make us a better translation?

Jue Xin said...

This is one of my favourite songs =D Happy Belated Birthday! and I know it's really really LATE...Sorry~ =P

Emily Lin said...

Anon: Come back quickkkk =(

Peter: Honestly, the translations are all wrong. The literally translations are correct; but the meaning is not as it seems. I tried to translate it but seems like mine one is really bad too ;)But oh well, it's all about love.. A great song, indeed =)

Jue Xin: Hi girl ;) Yes, it's a great song ;) love it! And thanks for the belated wish =)) It's alright, gal =)

Peter said...

I had guessed that it was about love! :-) ... and I believe you when you say that it's a great song! :-)