Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

It was a bizarre Wednesday. The day began with bringing our new puppy, Mollie to vet. She has been sick since last Thursday, the first day we brought her home. It was the third vet that we've visited; seeing there's no progress after consuming those medicine. The vet advised us to hospitalize her as she has been vomiting and having bloody diarrhea on and off. Although it was a negative on the "Pavrovirus" test on last Friday during the first vet-visit; the third vet suspected it's probably the Pavrovirus that making her becoming weaker and weaker. God, I was helpless when I heard about this. Mum wanted to return her to the seller; frightening that Mollie might not be able to make it. We don't want to see her goes. But as the whole situation is so complicated if we do not return her, plus her chance of surviving is a 50-50. How I hate 50-50. This percentage kills people.

And so, we returned Mollie to the seller, asking him to continue medical treatment on Mollie.

We couldn't bare for losing her from us. I will miss those curly choco hair of yours and your playfulness.

I know you would be able to make it, Mollie. Just hang on. We love you.


Peter said...

I can imagine the pain you feel! Do you trust the seller? For how mong did you have the "baby"?

cbenc12 said...

aww... i do hope mollie get well soon..she's so cute isnt she.. i undersntad how u feel as i hav 2 dogs too.. =)

Emily Lin said...

Peter: We heard from people saying that this seller is selling puppy from Thailand. Thai puppy is cute but mostly of them have gotten sick when they reached M'sia. So it's not really trustworthy, but we didn't know about it back then. Mollie only stayed with us for one week and she's got really sick. HMm, gonna keep an eye next time when choosing seller.

Cbenc12: She's REALLY cute. Just like a teddy bear. *heart melts* I do hope she gets well soon. Which is probably not, if she's from Thai. Beware of puppies from Penang and Ipoh; they are mostly from Thai.