Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Pocky Day

I've got wet just now when collecting this parcel at the courier office in Bangi. It's been raining heavily today. But it has been a good day for me as sister moved back to home and I accidentally bumped into my secondary classmate (whom I had a little crush on back then. lol) during lunch. Of course, the main reason is the bf has sent me some nice Pocky to me (yay) .

I LOVE eating Pocky. It's the best snack ever! =)) Oh and finally I have a better webcam and brand new headset when skype-ing! (the attached webcam in the laptop has a quite blurish view) Yes, it's the QuickCam Pro9000 I've been eyeing on ;) Thanks my dear!

He also sent me a lipbalm (made in Jpn) which I claimed different from those Nivea back in M'sia (made in USA). It is less sticky than those Nivea's sold in here, which lead to why I stealed his Nivea's for my own usage and put aside my Nivea's. lol. I know it's weird and they should be all the same but, I can feel the difference when putting them on my lips. Anyways, I wanted the normal daily use version but he bought me this: -

with SPF18 PA+, how thoughtful he is as I really drive a lot :))

Now, back to my Pocky and drama time! Till then~


Peter said...

No rain would stop you from picking up a parcel from bf!

narrowband said...

I loved Pocky too :p Oooh I also just bought a new web cam recently haha...

Emily Lin said...

Peter: I didn't expected the rain though. ;)

David: Ahh aren't we having some sort of common here? Anyway, now you know you can buy me some Pocky next time if we happened to meet lol. *wink