Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I miss you so much. so. much. I. wanna. die.

I'm here. You're there.

LDR has never been easy. Argh.

I need to deal with it.

Friday, October 24, 2008





Sunday, October 19, 2008

Of KLPF and a 'lil update

I went to KLPF (Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival) yesterday, tagged along with my sis. There were so many photographers -the Professionals mixed up with some amateur photographers (okay, just me being amateur lol). I just brought along my pity small digital compact camera, and hiding it in my shoulder bag all the while. You know, seeing soooo many people carrying their bulky and professional gears, it's not a pleasant sight to take out mine lol. There were some talks by photographers here and there, which I found quite interesting. Also, I've spent quite some time going through the photos which shown in the exhibition, while gaining some inspiration and motivation for me to continue on my long lost interest. It's been so long since my last photoshooting with mates. I bumped into few of them yesterday and had a short conversation with them ;) Also, I bumped into Brian accidentally and managed to say Hi this time ;)

In the mean time, I keep pondering on whether to get my hands on a DSLR or a new compact. I am so lost. The new Ricoh R10 seems nice, but after having some research on the previous model R8, I am not quite sure with it now. But I really like the design. It seems like the Canon Powershot SX100 is better, and doesn't give a "cold" result like the R10. With difference of 2 mega pixels, the SX100 still produces results that I prefer, although the R10 produces a rather sharper image. Headache. I think I shall leave this issue aside, and wait for the time it comes, when my sudden urge to get a DSLR, or I should say, when I have enough $$ to get my hands on it. Sigh.

Excuse the ranting, as I'm still "struggling" on choosing - DSLR or a good digital compact. -____-"

Here's some pictures of KLPF...


Hot models posing with some camera bags.

Photographers with all kind of shooting style lol.

Sipping my vanila latte..

Photos credit: Sabrina


On a side note, I've been doing some spring cleaning lately. First off, my bookshelf, then my laptop table, and now my room table which I put all kinds of shits on. I cleaned and arranged the table few months ago, but being a rather messy person I am, now it has become pretty "unorganized" as previously which look like this ----

Seriously, I was once having a hard time (okay, not once, but countless time) finding my ring/hairpin/make-up brush/necklace. No kidding.

So after my "exceptional" cleaning skills, throwing unwanted things and etc, it become more organized now. Hmm.. at least it can last for another 2 weeks. Heh.

Also, a mini haul I recently had from Isetan. Love. Especially the sunblock, I just adore the non-oily texture. ;)

When I was cleaning up the table, I found the pictures captured during the HK trip in 2005. How I missed it :(

P/S: I've got a cut on my finger when cutting the vege. Being a domestic goddess I am NOT. Pfft. Also, I fell off the stairs 2 days back as it was too slippery, now my elbow is still pretty swollen. Going to see doctor tonight cos it might be a bone problem. Let's hope not. :(

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Daily Routine - The Difference Between Sept and Oct

Nothing particular about my daily life now. It's boring and task-oriented. Task-oriented as in, doing the housework which normally I don't do. A month ago, I was in the mood of lazing around, perhaps the dining out with friends, or enjoying retail therapy of my own; but definitely not cleaning up the house, doing the laundry and the ironing, not to mention the cooking for both lunch and dinner, and of course there are still tons of things that I need to do - dog-bathing, sending brother to school, dish cleaning and the list goes on.

It's look like I am whining now. Yes yes yes. Oh well I just need to write things out to clear up my mind a little bit but my hands seems not functioning as they usually do (god my hands are so rough now resulting from the excessive of dish washing - we cook a lot. so.)

Since our maid has gone back her hometown for one month, hence I will be replacing her temporarily. It's my responsibility anyway.

I want a getaway now but I could only dream.

Dream about...

Or the UK... (London...!)

But I have nowhere to go, gotta finish ironing all these clothes. They are like mountain. Seriously.