Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Daily Routine - The Difference Between Sept and Oct

Nothing particular about my daily life now. It's boring and task-oriented. Task-oriented as in, doing the housework which normally I don't do. A month ago, I was in the mood of lazing around, perhaps the dining out with friends, or enjoying retail therapy of my own; but definitely not cleaning up the house, doing the laundry and the ironing, not to mention the cooking for both lunch and dinner, and of course there are still tons of things that I need to do - dog-bathing, sending brother to school, dish cleaning and the list goes on.

It's look like I am whining now. Yes yes yes. Oh well I just need to write things out to clear up my mind a little bit but my hands seems not functioning as they usually do (god my hands are so rough now resulting from the excessive of dish washing - we cook a lot. so.)

Since our maid has gone back her hometown for one month, hence I will be replacing her temporarily. It's my responsibility anyway.

I want a getaway now but I could only dream.

Dream about...

Or the UK... (London...!)

But I have nowhere to go, gotta finish ironing all these clothes. They are like mountain. Seriously.


Josephine said...

Hi there! I like your blog!
I am not good in ironing, in fact, I have stopped buying clothes that need to be ironed.

cbenc12 said...

i hate ironing too... send them to doby for ironing? :D

Peter said...

You forgot to put Paris on your list!!!

åh-†ёh² said...

after industrial training, now train to be maid as well ar?
good good~
now economic up n down...should learn more skill...
its for your own good~

Jue Xin said...

Oh poor Emily...Should apply some lotion for moisturizing your hands!

GMG said...

Hey! Long time no see...
But when it comes to NYC, even if only in dreams, something called me to your blog... ;))
Miss your comments at Blogtrotter; has some dreamy places to see... ;)
Wish you a great weekend!

Emily Lin said...

Josephine: I'm not good in ironing too. But it's a bit tough for me to stop buying clothes that need to be ironed. LOL.

Cbenc12: Heh.. nice idea only if I have loads of $$ ;p

Peter: In fact, I haven't really finished with the list yet. Also, how can I not remember what I've told you before? ;)

Ah Teh: Yea.. The effect of economic crisis.. Sigh.

Jue Xin: Honestly, I did buy some hand lotion, but I've been too lazy to put them on lol.

Gmg: Hi there! Long time no see ;) Will visit your blog in a while! Have a great weekend too!