Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Throw Me A Rope

Perharps that's what I can say now. Throw me a rope.
I'm hanging on now, still, trying my best. Listening to this heart touching song, with my Sennheiser CX 300 probably make me feel worst.

Throw Me A Rope by KT Tunstall

I want you between me and the feeling I get when I miss you
But everything here is telling me I should be fine
So why is it so, above as below,
That I'm missing you every time I got used to you whispering things to me into the evening We followed the sun and its colours and left this world
It seems to me that I'm definitely
Hearing the best that I've heard

So throw me a rope to hold me in place
Show me a clock for counting my days down
Cause everything's easier when you're beside me
Come back and find me
Cause I feel alone

And whenever you go it's like holding my breath underwater
I have to admit that I kind of like it when I do
Oh but I've got to be unconditionally
Unafraid of my days without you

So throw me a rope to hold me in place
Show me a clock for counting my days down
Cause everything's easier when you're beside me
Come back and find me
Whenever I'm falling you're always behind me
Come back and find me
Cause everything's easier when you're beside me
Come back and find me
Cause I feel alone

Well, probably some chocolate cakes will make me feel WAY better, which looks like this. *drool*

Wait a minute... it's already midnite. Who's still doing business?!
Hmm.. 7-11?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

No. 2

So here's my no.2 blog. It's just been created and it's some of my reviews and some happening of this gigantic fashion industry. It has been officially lauched [well, so-called] by me, the Editor in Chief of Double the Dazzle, yesterday. LoL. Okay, just ignore the "Editor in Chief" anyway, I'm just feeling pleased in THAT honour. You can drop by and have a look there. Will update soon after I get back from PD. Quite a bit shows had been released yesterday - Prada, Etro, La Perla, Bontega Venetta and etc. And today's shows will be Gucci, Emporio Armani, Marni, Roberto Cavalli and also Salvatore Ferragamo! Can't wait to see them!

Another movie outing

Last Friday Em went Midvaley with half-banana aka Teo [edited as requested :p]. She said that she wanna do some shopping for shoes and jacket. Well, I'd have told her there're no longer sales available IF she did mentioned to me that she wanna buy sales items :p And so we back with empty-handed. Anyway, at least we watched Dream Girls. Speaking of the queue, it was MILES long! Way longer than what I've seen on the other day. But guess what?! We got the tickets for less than 10 minutes! [frankly speaking, 5 mins] Thanks to Soon Ching cos she heard an annoucement that we can buy tickets at Gold Class counter. And we got the last row's tickets! The hall was pretty empty though. Hmm obviously the people were busying talking or fondling when the staff was making the annoucement. Well, lucky us :)

I was impressed with the actors actually, for singing non-stop ever since the movie has started. Their singing was nice, which was telling cos most of them are not singers. I could feel like I was holding my breath while seeing them singing out loud with their amazing vocal. Beyonce was looking great in the movie and Edie Murphy was awesome with his "strong' thought of "spreading" the soul music. Too bad, he couldn't stand of Jamie Foxx's control and has walked into the wrong path.

Honestly, I had a great time throughout the movie and there was no boring moment in between.
A lot of dialogue was delivered as recitative - it was sung rather than spoken. Some of the lyrics were really touching and the music was amazing. If you like musicals, this is it.

Click here you can listen to the soundtrack of it. Nice.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Music and Lyrics

I just watched Music and Lyrics yesterday with my friend, finally. This movie is quite nice, to me. It's interesting and I had a great time throughout the movie. I laughed myself out when I saw the funny '80s look of Hugh Grant and also felt touched when I heard the song written by him [Don't Write Me Off] which's specially dedicated to Drew. I love them personally. Both of them have totally different personalities. Hugh Grant has a dry sense of humor-charms, while Drew Barrymore's girl-next-door look and her sweetness have melted my heart. The song in the movie which's written by Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) and Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore) is nice. Meaningful lyrics, I can say. I'm waiting for it as my friend is downloading it right now :D

Here's the official side of Music and Lyrics. You can see the trailer of it. And sure you can go and watch it in cinema if you're interested with the movie. But please, don't buy pirated DVD.

Some pictures would say the words.

Monday, February 19, 2007

It's Chinese New Year

Hohoho... Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! May you guys be healthy always and may it be a properous year ahead!! Speaking of chinese new year, you can obviously see red everywhere. Shopping malls, on the road, everywhere. Every house has been decorated mostly with red lantern, angpaos, everything red. But not mine. Well, no angpaos for me this year. Nothing red. But nevermind, at least got some money from parents and grandpa. It's enough then :)

Day one of CNY started with a simple breakfast with the whole family. Mum said she dreamt of grandma and grandma was having meal in the dining room with her friends. Happy Chinese New Year, grandma :)

Had a l o n g nap after breakfast which I realised it's nearly 2pm after I opened my eyes and glanced at the clock. Lunch was veggie and it was yummilicious. Went to Midvaley [again] after that cos mum said wanna catch up a movie whilst we can fetch sis on our way back. I was stunt when I saw the super-long queue up at the ticket counter. Apparently there's a lot of people spending their new year at KL. They should balik kampung or go visit their relatives greeting "Gong Hei Fatt Choi" instead of parading in the mall so I could spend my lonely new year there peacefully [physically and mentally] :p Well, I said physically cos there were so many people around me and that's really annoying and making me feeling really dizzy. Mentally cos I've seen so many ah-beng and la-la moi around me with their "amazing costume" on, and that's mentally torturing me. [knee length socks with pink and black stripes?? whats THAT?!] Sorry, I'm not offended but just couldn't help for saying so.

Back to topic. After waited for 45 minutes, at last I got myself to buy the tickets. The tickets for Ghost Rider has been sold out for the 7pm session. So I bought the tickets for Lady Iron Chef, a Hong Kong comedy. I know, I've wasted my money, no I should say my parents' money for watching another aimless Hong Kong movie produced by Wong Jing. I wanted to watch Music And Lyrics starring by Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant but Hey I've got no choice cos there's no point for bringing my two lil' brother watching love comedy in a cinema rite? Sigh. How mou lei tao [pointless] the movie is, of cos I mean Lady Iron Chef.

Was planning to have dinner at Chopstik Noodles House but when we reached there, my sis who was the hostess told us they were fulled house, obviously occupied with people and no sit for us. And so we left. Lil' brother wanted to eat KFC... [nightmare] Chicken chicken chicken... *shake head*

after movie. Had The Ultimate again with my sis. Well seems like we both have already addicted to caffeine and we couldn't stop thinking of having it if we knew there's a coffeebean or starbucks not far away from us. Having said that, The Ultimate that we had back in Midvaley was not so tasty as the barista there seems so stingy for putting more blended beans in the drink cos we MERELY bit/munched and noticed any blended coffee beans in it! Hell. It's like the ordinary mocha that I had in San Francisco Coffee or Starbucks so why you just named it The Ultimate afterall??

I try to say and convince myself what a happy chinese new year I have.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm still a kiddo.. who cares!?

... Josh!!

A bear?! Hey, I know it's unmatched with my age AT ALL... But it's my first wide-brighty-smile-and-fur-is-SUPERB-nice-to-touch bear!! :D It's from Cool Bear Workshop. Actually his birth name as you can see from the birth certificate is Emily's Smile Bear [yea.. he has a birt cert!] .

Hmm.. it's kinda long though for me to call him, so I've chose Josh as his pet name. Josh is SO adorable isn't he? Well, he really did put a smile on my face :)

Josh with his hat on!

Josh secretly likes to dance!

Josh loves to smile :)

Dizzie day

Yesterday, I began my day with sneezing. Had a class after that but it was horrifying cause I've sick! The flu was killing me!! Now I'm still feeling dizzy... Flu..still. *hachoooo!*

As what I've promised to my sis, I went to Midvaley with her for her new year shopping. The so-tall Xiao Yi also came along with us too. Oh.. I saw a knee-length trousers at Zara. Almost black. The fabric was rough-like looking. I really like it after the try-on but it gonna costs me RM 160! Hmm.. Worth it.. or not? Anyway, I put it back at last after much consideration. *regret now* I think now it probably has been sold as that's the last of the size :((

After sitting down at Coffeebean, we've started to camwhore. That's what we could do others than chatting :p Vanila latte was nice.

Dinner at Chopstik Noodle House was ok. The tofu was nice and not to mention the dessert that we had! I had forgotten to take the picture as we were busy eating it :p The dessert is called Citrus Romance, a mixture of ice with freshly-blended orange juice, with longan, guai leng gou, hoi dai ye, and some other stuff inside it. Yum yum...

Back to Kajang after that and headed off to Station One for yam cha. Not really much people around but I saw my primary schoolmates there :)

I shared out a Tosai with my sis for our second round at mamak with Siew the Lao-Siew, Kah Chun the Lao-Lee, and Hotren the Lao-Zheng. We had tons of laugh there!! My face had become numb and just couldn't stop laughing with my sister.

Reached home at 1am. Eh, you must be wondering if I was really sick, right? :p

Alright, drama time. Adieu.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's day

It was kinda awesome for spending my valentine's day with my sis and friend. Went to Midvaley [again] after having dinner at home, accompanied my dearly sis for a short shopping session, then had a drink at coffeebean - The Ultimate (but I thk the one that I had at Genting was much yummier :p) Anyway, was planning to go Chilis but then there were fully booked. Sigh. Nachos and molten chocolate fly away already :( And the Blueberry cheesecake from coffeebean was just so-so only. Seeing those couples walking in the mall had made no impact on me, cause I was holding my sis's arm :p *warm*

I looked so much darker :((

We had been talking for hours from the mall back to home. 3 of us kept talking about the clothes, boots, and everything! It was nice :) *huggies to both of ya!*


Sorry to someone for what I've did. For kept you waiting.


Holiday is starting soon. Gonna spend my holiday at home :(
Shopping, anyone? :p Anyway, wish you guys have a happy holiday.

p/s: going to Midvaley [again -_-"] tomorrow. Shopping time lol

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Where'd u go?

I dreamt about you again. In the dream, you were far away from me, just showed your face that I missed so much and smiled at me. You were still gorgeous as you've always been. I couldn't get to touch you before you left by a car. Black Harrier. Yea, I still remember the car that you ride in the dream. Weird huh. Tears can't stop rolling in my eyes.

I'm missing you much more than I thought I would.

You have left me, it seems like forever. In my dream, in my life.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bored to old's, into minimalism

I want something simple. Simple as it won't hurt my eyes when I'm looking at it. And so, I've changed my layout and here's the outcome. Not much touching-up since I was way too lazy to do so.

It's Sunday. Em is going to be really busy on this coming week. Endless tasks to be done, endless boring lectures, and so much more. Owh. Valentine's Day coming soon, and I'll be staying in my room if my friends are going for celebration with their love ones. Hopefully it would be a great day though without anyone by my side.

Alrite. Movie time.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fagged out

Woke up at 7 in the morning and attended a rather boring class, I would say. It was hardly for me to sit there still and listen to some lecture which was more or less sounds like some indian language learning classes. B-O-R-E-D. Anyway, it was much better than the macroeconomic that I've attended on thursday nite. It was like, BORED TO DEATH. With the lecturer which didn't have much expression on his face, and the flat tone... Full of crap.

Alrite. After the class in the morning, went to src room to make phone calls again. Well, it's my job afterall. So, I have to deal with it. Then, watched Ugly Betty in the src room while waiting my friend for lunch.

This drama is very funny and I couldn't stop laughing on it. The Betty in the drama is so so ah-lian and the storyline looks similar to The Devil Wears Prada actually. Nice. You guys who likes fashion and comedy, should go and watch this!

Had Pizza Hut for my lunch. I was bloated!! Then went to Taman Rekreasi Air at Putrajaya. The canoeing was nice. And I'd got WET. Heavy rain when we were canoeing and in not more than one minute, our whole body had got wet. And the big fella behind just couldn't stopped paddling the water on my body, and kept laughing -_-"

Attended a L-O-N-G haul meeting at nite. It started at 8pm and ended at 12 something. The Tosai that I've had just now after the meeting wasn't delighted me that much. First, maybe the food that I've had during my dinner were still in my stomach undigested. Second, maybe I've got Aneroxia. W a i t... No way. It's impossible for me getting Aneroxia. *shakes head* Though I wished I could :D My eyes are so tired now, and I miss my bed really much, but I'm still sitting here updating my blog. Arghh... I should get a life.

What I see now, is just so b-l-u-r-r-y. I should really sleep now.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I like peaceful life. But life is not that smooth as I thought. It's so rough. Everyday there're so many tiny miny things that gonna bug me up, that make me so upset and keep asking myself if I had done anything wrong. I try to be nice cos I don't like to be a harshy person, and I know how it feels when being hurt by ppl. It isn't great. It HURTS. Sometime being nice will just make me dissapointed as ppl just doesn't seems to appreciate it.

Whoever said to treat people the way you want to be treated, was TOTALLY wrong.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

C'est la vie

I was busy working on the event and activities that I involved in as the new sem has just started. It's been a while since my last update and so much things had happened in just one week time. But out of so many things, there is ONE thing, that I'm not going to forget it for my entire life. I feel so pain and heartsick.

Grandma, I still remember I used to sit at the back of the bicycle, with my hand hold on tight on ur waist. I still remember that you always cook dishes that I liked the most. And I know you always give me the best while you're not. After the incident that happened in last year, you hardly remember almost the whole family, but you DID remember me! You called my name and smiled. That was the sweetest smile I'd ever seen. Day by day, your body become weaker and weaker, seeing you suffered so much till you couldn't take it, really hurts me.

But now, you are free, free from the suffer, and everything.

Ah-ma, may you live in peace forever.

And I love you forever.