Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another movie outing

Last Friday Em went Midvaley with half-banana aka Teo [edited as requested :p]. She said that she wanna do some shopping for shoes and jacket. Well, I'd have told her there're no longer sales available IF she did mentioned to me that she wanna buy sales items :p And so we back with empty-handed. Anyway, at least we watched Dream Girls. Speaking of the queue, it was MILES long! Way longer than what I've seen on the other day. But guess what?! We got the tickets for less than 10 minutes! [frankly speaking, 5 mins] Thanks to Soon Ching cos she heard an annoucement that we can buy tickets at Gold Class counter. And we got the last row's tickets! The hall was pretty empty though. Hmm obviously the people were busying talking or fondling when the staff was making the annoucement. Well, lucky us :)

I was impressed with the actors actually, for singing non-stop ever since the movie has started. Their singing was nice, which was telling cos most of them are not singers. I could feel like I was holding my breath while seeing them singing out loud with their amazing vocal. Beyonce was looking great in the movie and Edie Murphy was awesome with his "strong' thought of "spreading" the soul music. Too bad, he couldn't stand of Jamie Foxx's control and has walked into the wrong path.

Honestly, I had a great time throughout the movie and there was no boring moment in between.
A lot of dialogue was delivered as recitative - it was sung rather than spoken. Some of the lyrics were really touching and the music was amazing. If you like musicals, this is it.

Click here you can listen to the soundtrack of it. Nice.


Teo said...

Eh don't put my name leh, put Teo or something =x Anyway yea it was a fun movie, but the soundtrack was not my cup of tea, if just plain listen through computer. Must add some 'visual effect' =P

Nai Shyong said...

Beyonce is unbelievable !! BTW, Jennifer Hudson is disgusting when she shakes her boobs while singing "MOVE" ! lol

Emily Lin said...

yea.. i agree too.. but her acting was good... no wonder she has won the best supporting actress in both Golden Globe Award and also Oscar.