Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dizzie day

Yesterday, I began my day with sneezing. Had a class after that but it was horrifying cause I've sick! The flu was killing me!! Now I'm still feeling dizzy... Flu..still. *hachoooo!*

As what I've promised to my sis, I went to Midvaley with her for her new year shopping. The so-tall Xiao Yi also came along with us too. Oh.. I saw a knee-length trousers at Zara. Almost black. The fabric was rough-like looking. I really like it after the try-on but it gonna costs me RM 160! Hmm.. Worth it.. or not? Anyway, I put it back at last after much consideration. *regret now* I think now it probably has been sold as that's the last of the size :((

After sitting down at Coffeebean, we've started to camwhore. That's what we could do others than chatting :p Vanila latte was nice.

Dinner at Chopstik Noodle House was ok. The tofu was nice and not to mention the dessert that we had! I had forgotten to take the picture as we were busy eating it :p The dessert is called Citrus Romance, a mixture of ice with freshly-blended orange juice, with longan, guai leng gou, hoi dai ye, and some other stuff inside it. Yum yum...

Back to Kajang after that and headed off to Station One for yam cha. Not really much people around but I saw my primary schoolmates there :)

I shared out a Tosai with my sis for our second round at mamak with Siew the Lao-Siew, Kah Chun the Lao-Lee, and Hotren the Lao-Zheng. We had tons of laugh there!! My face had become numb and just couldn't stop laughing with my sister.

Reached home at 1am. Eh, you must be wondering if I was really sick, right? :p

Alright, drama time. Adieu.

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