Thursday, November 30, 2006


Imagine u:
  • Sleep at 4am, wake up at 8.30am. Can't sleep well.
  • Sitting at hb3 for the whole morning for selling stuff. (cyberp assignment) The weather is hot, u have to keep layaning the ppl and u r craving for ice cold water.
  • Having class after this. No break in between.
  • Not taking ur lunch while u hav gastric. (luckily got some biscuits)
  • Rushing to the stall right after u class.
  • Looking after the stall just by urself which u dunno some of the price basically.
  • Staying at the stall until 6pm and the time flows so slowly.
  • Bac at hostel having biscuits again for ur dinner.
  • Class AGAIN.
  • Bac to room, can't sleep cos hav to stay up to revise tomorrow's japs test.
Ur face will be like this:

And u r so exhausted.

This is wat i am now.
And i miss u so much right here right now...
Ur voice, ur face, everything...
Wondering hav u ever missed me?
Though i know i'll probably never know the answer...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

sunnies oh sunnies~

I always dream of having a super-sized sunnies. Just like Nicole Richie. She's gorgeous with her super-duper-oversized sunnies on. Below is the latest photo of Nicole (with a gorgeous over-sized sunnies) and Paris. Nice isn't it? :))

walking in the public with old fren - paris

one of my favourite over-sized sunnies - latest fall collection of Gucci :D

And today i spotted one while i was temaning my roommie browsing through the sunnies in the optical shop, i noticed a black frame super-sized polo sunnies. And i tried it... The good news is it's look ok on me :D and the bad news is i like it but i can't buy it cos i'm tight on budget recently :/ Anyway, my roommies bought a sunnies in the end which is nice though. Hohoho...

my roommies with the new sunnies she bought :))

Sunday, November 26, 2006


- There's always an angel just by ur side-
to give u guidedance
u may not see him/her
u could feel it

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Casino Royale

Album: James Morrison - Undiscovered

I've watched the just-an-ordinary-JamesBond movie with my frens. I mean it's an ordinary Bond movie - very commercialised, err... though the James Bond itself is not an ordinary one lol. Is ok if Daniel Craig is white (really white), is ok if he's not as macho as the previous Bond - Pierre Brosnan, is ok if he's not hairy as the previous James Bond were, is ok if he's short, is ok if he's keep acting cool... I mean I'M OKAY with it though he's actually abit weirdo lookin. IT'S OKAY after all cos i prefer to swift my attention to Vesper Lynd (starring by Eva Green), lookin at the beautiful cars (vintage Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ford etc.) and the marvellous scenery of Venice and some unknown castle-like builiding which surrounding by excuisite-looking lake.
No offended for saying so :))

Yea.. i prefer this (Eva Green)...

and this vintage-looking Aston Martin...

or even the bad guy Le Chiffre in the movie (Mads Mikkelsen, tot he's cool :D)

but not this :p

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Craze day

Alrite... take a DEEP breath... Okay, let's get started. I thought today will be a nice day since my diarrhoea was better compared with yesterday. But... hey... I was wrong!!

First, I've taken some protein shake as my breakfast. Thinking of losing my weight, so I didn't take my lunch. But then after my class, I went to Alamanda with my fren to have something done. SOoo, I've eaten a cinnabon AND also 2/5 of a whole honey roasted chicken!!! Hell.... ended up eating so much things... Zzz... Can't walking in the mall that is fulled with mouth-watering foods!!

After got bac, went jogging with my fren. It's a "pretty good" experience though. Imagine: ur stomach is occupying with some stuff, u're breathless after 10 min, and rain pours down after that. *Great*

The rain wasn't really heavy actually. So we continued our running. I felt SuperDuper tired after finally got myself at Cyberpark. The latter part i have no idea how i can make myself bac to campus---> had stomachache and twisted one of my leg :((

Had a shower after that, then straight away head to class WITHOUT taking my dinner. The result is --- gastric, gastric and gastric even i had my dinner after my class.

AND.... tomorrow I'll be having my microeconomic's quiz!!! OMG.........

I'm SOooo not happy now. Someone cheer me up pls?! :D

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Lately (i've been watching u) been thinking 'bout u baby
(and everything u do)
just sitting away watching the days go by.

Have u ever felt a breeze hit ur heart,
like the wind was blowing it apart
as you're spinning like a merry-go-around,
indications of a storm touching down
wish that i could weather any storm,
but i guess it was a heart break from the norm,
was a day i will always remember,
the saddest day in sweet November...

Lately (i've been watching u) been thinking 'bout u baby
(and everything u do)
just sitting away watching the days go by

baby i'm on my knees praying God help me please,
bring my baby bac, right bac to me
if lovin u was right then i don't wanna go wrong
so i drown myself with tears,
sitting here, singing another sad love song

Lately i've been torn apart,
i wish u hadn't broke my heart
i'm missing u baby, missing u everyday...

Taken from Divine's Lately.

Pangkor trip

Just got bac from Pangkor 2 days ago and the results of it --- got sick. Maybe it was me for not drinking enough water and had a sunburn. And now maybe got food-poisoned, cos i've diarrhea few times since morning.

Overall the trip was nice. An economical place to relax and have some fun with ur frens. We had a tour around the island by "pink taxi" after we got there. The seaview was nice though. The next day morning we went to snorkelling and we stopped at a small island before that for fun. This was the day i got a serious sunburn cos after the snorkelling, we rented some bicycles and went around the island seeking for lunch. The bicycling was really fun though the red-hot sun shining up in the sky really burned me out... Ok... so after that we went to the beach which was near around our hotel and had some "activities" - banana boat. This was the most hilarious moment whereby we laughed ourself out. We separated to 2 rounds and im the second round. After the first round fell down from the boat near the shore,they climbed up bac to the banana boat. And now's the classic moment: Tharan was climbing up to the boat, after he got himself up, he fell down to the sea AGAIN. Wahahaha. We all kept laughing at him expecially Teresa. After the first round, here's our turn. Teresa was the "leader" of us to give us commands where to move our body to prevent us from falling into the sea. I'm the third person and Qiu Yan was in front of me. She's so nervous and kept yelling at Teresa not to say hi to our fren at the beach, And bla bla bla... Hahaha.. Qiu Yan, u're so cute!!! And then the another classic moment happened right after we fell down from the boat. Eveybody climbed up the boat again for the second-fall right, so Teresa fell down right after a seconds she climbed up to the banana boat!!! Wahahaha... damn funny u know... :D

We had dinner in a seafood restaurant. It's a great dinner. Due to our tiredness, me and my buddies slept quite earlier that nite, i mean our last nite in Pangkor. Too bad din't get to join the "angels and demons" game them. Bet u guys had a great nite cos it sounds really fun. The last morning we woke up really early and went to kayaking. There were 4 of us - me, teresa, billy and ah sun. I must say it was a great experience. Cos i got a sunburn again, had a nice time on the boat - smacked by the paddle twice!! (thanks to uncle billy)

Anyhow, i missed the beach so much!! Can't wait the trip to Perhentian!! Must save as much as i can to get there XD.. And i've promised myself to get a nice tan for my island-getaway next time!! (must get the golden tanning oil!!) :D

nice seaside view

like this pic really much

on the way to snorkelling

posing with Teresa

Billy's acting cool

Monday, November 20, 2006


U cry when u are feeling sad.
U feel really bad when ur life is full with sorrowness.
No one can help u out.
No one can really be "the one" to comfort ur bleeding heart.
U just stand by ur own.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Just woke up, and the feeling of being drunken was so good. Yesterday was awesome, Leng and i went to Mei's house and had some wine. Thank u Leng and Mei, for spending time with me and trying to comfort me. But now... Urghhh... headache is killing me!!


Last friday was my dear friend Teresa's big day. So the nite before her big day, we bought some cakes and had a lil' celebration in my car while we were heading to 1u for movie. U know how many cakes we bought?? Guess what... 2 slices!! Just 2 slices of secret recipe. No we were not saving our money, it just because there were only 3 of us, i mean the members of the BestBuddiesGengEver. SoOo... if we bought one whole cake, it'll be wasted :D

While i was driving, billy lightened up the candle and we sang The Song to teresa. We sang so loud till our ear-drum nearly burst out. Then, they take turns to "feed" me the cakes (i was driving) and i'd ended up eaten most of the cakes compared to them!! Muahaha...

We watched Step Up and i felt so into those dancing scenes. Great... i must say. Worth a watch.


What i did on last whole week:
  1. Sit in MPH for 4 hours reading books. Alone.
  2. Seen 3 movies - The convenant, Open Season, and Step Up.
  3. Spending times at putrajaya bridge with my geng. It's a great place to relax my mind.
  4. Endless window shopping.
  5. Eat eat eat.
  6. Fell in love with curry katsu don.
  7. Shouted in my car.
  8. Listened endless time of Avril Lavigne.
  9. Spent most of my time with my geng. Im afraid of being alone.
  10. Went to Midvaley once.
  11. 1 Utama 3 times.
  12. Alamanda 3 or 4 times.
  13. Not drinking any latte or mocha.
  14. Driving crazily.
  15. Drank an alcoholic soda.
  16. Finished 2 bottles of red wine with my friends.
  17. Had my first japanese class.

Okay... should stop here. Cos it seems endless.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Lake House

Seen this movie again since i've save it in my laptop. Tho it's not the first time i watch this movie, but the feeling is still there. Feel touched.

It's a touching love story about Kate (Sandra Bullock) 's conceit that u wait for the right time and for the right one.

Hope this is real.

If u wait, u'll get ur The One.
So, i'll be waiting for u.

Thank you

Thank you my friends, for:
  • listening to me when i was helpless. U guys make me feel that i'm not alone.
  • giving me alot of advice and i really apreciate it.
  • spending time with me, chatting with me.
  • watching movie with me.
  • treating me nice foods :)
  • listening to my awful singing in an enclosed spaces... sorry my friends. But it makes me feel better.
  • telling me tons of jokes and keep making fun of me which make me laugh. Yea, at least i laugh.
  • keep supporting me.
  • lepak-ing with me.
  • doing nothing but just sitting beside of me.
U guys are really sweet. Don't worry bout me. I'll get it through and live my life to the best :)
Thank you. *huggies*

p/s: thank you my dearest mummy for giving me endless support. don't worry bout me. I'll take a good care of myself. And for someone: I'll study hard and will not giving up for my life.. don't worry. take care.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Honestly, i've never cried so much in my 20-years-of-life.
The amount of tears that i had last nite were greater than the tears that i had in the past 20 years.
Must be alot huh. yea. U bet.

I've cried woefully when i closed my eyes. Cos can't stop thinking of him, the precious time that we've spent together in the past few years, what he had done to me which made me so happy just like the best princess in the world, what he cooked for me, the butter cake, the hugs, the kisses, and so many unstated matters. And think about how he used to be so caring so adorable so loving...
And think about how much i loved him, how deep it is. But, it's just too lil' too late.

So, i didn't sleep for the whole nite, just crying and figuring out. I stopped crying for bout 1 min, then i cried again, and it continued over and over again.


Honestly, i'm totally helpless now. The Thing that im not wishing to happen The Most has happened. Yea. U Know what i'm talking rite??

I had never cried so hard for my life. NEVER. And it's damn so PAIN.

Think i'd heard the breaking sound of my heart.

But it's just the beginning of my life. It's the beginning of my life to let me stand on my own, to become more mature, to figure out what i want, to learn to be more responsible, and to love myself before i could love anybody else.

U have to really feel how pain is when u really fall down, though it really HURT, but this is the way that u can learn to grow up, to become more mature.


Dear my beloved,

I love u SO much. U know it. If it's the best way to let u feel better, i'll do it. So now, what is left for me to do is to stay away from u, to let u alone. Sorry cos i've made u so suffered on what i've done. But maybe like what u've said, it's the time to let us continue our life of our own, it's no use to continue on "us" if the probs were still there. Don't worry, i'll stand on my own and continue on with my life. I'll be responsible to myself. And Thank You. Cos u have bring so much happiness into my life, and let me know what's the colour rainbow has. And u let me realize that i could love a person that much. U might care or might not, but i do hope that u'll be smiling when u think back on whatever we hav done together happilly. Lastly, REMEMBER those things that i've told u before i hung up the phone. Just pls don't forget.


Can't sleep. Blogging is the best thing that i could do now. ahh.. feel much better after this. And thanks to my dear gf shou mei. Thanks for ur listening and ur comforting. Not to mention, my lovely sis is the Best-Ever-Sista-In-The-World. Feel so touched after received ur msg. *huggies*

"To get through this" is the thing that i could do now.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Fugging up

Warning: Don't read this if u are in a great mood now. Cos I'M NOT.

So Fugging up right now. So emo now. Cried. But It's helpless.

What will u feel if:
- ur loved one seems doesn't care for u as he used to be??

- u called ur babe and told him how much u missed him but the answer u've got from is "i'm freakin tired" but not "i miss u too"??

- the previous statement has happened for quite sometime.

- u just stay at home for 4 days continuously?? and not goin out ANYWHERE??

- can't hug ur babe for more than 4 days.

- so if u can't hug him = u've not seen him for the days i've mentioned.

- u've not heard any "i love u" sort of words spilled out from ur babe for unidentified period of time.

- u called ur babe and he always says "i'm busy now".

- u keep sitting in front of the laptop instead of goin anywhere, doin anything other than facing the laptop.

- everyone that u wanna chat with seems so busy.

- u are feeling breathless

- ur eyes are puffy than ever.

- the bad things keep happen?

Sure u'll feel so fugging up. For sure.
Indeed, i'm feeling like i'm in the hell now and so fugging up.