Friday, November 03, 2006

Fugging up

Warning: Don't read this if u are in a great mood now. Cos I'M NOT.

So Fugging up right now. So emo now. Cried. But It's helpless.

What will u feel if:
- ur loved one seems doesn't care for u as he used to be??

- u called ur babe and told him how much u missed him but the answer u've got from is "i'm freakin tired" but not "i miss u too"??

- the previous statement has happened for quite sometime.

- u just stay at home for 4 days continuously?? and not goin out ANYWHERE??

- can't hug ur babe for more than 4 days.

- so if u can't hug him = u've not seen him for the days i've mentioned.

- u've not heard any "i love u" sort of words spilled out from ur babe for unidentified period of time.

- u called ur babe and he always says "i'm busy now".

- u keep sitting in front of the laptop instead of goin anywhere, doin anything other than facing the laptop.

- everyone that u wanna chat with seems so busy.

- u are feeling breathless

- ur eyes are puffy than ever.

- the bad things keep happen?

Sure u'll feel so fugging up. For sure.
Indeed, i'm feeling like i'm in the hell now and so fugging up.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

easiest way to go out..break up since you are feeling so tired of it then..