Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pangkor trip

Just got bac from Pangkor 2 days ago and the results of it --- got sick. Maybe it was me for not drinking enough water and had a sunburn. And now maybe got food-poisoned, cos i've diarrhea few times since morning.

Overall the trip was nice. An economical place to relax and have some fun with ur frens. We had a tour around the island by "pink taxi" after we got there. The seaview was nice though. The next day morning we went to snorkelling and we stopped at a small island before that for fun. This was the day i got a serious sunburn cos after the snorkelling, we rented some bicycles and went around the island seeking for lunch. The bicycling was really fun though the red-hot sun shining up in the sky really burned me out... Ok... so after that we went to the beach which was near around our hotel and had some "activities" - banana boat. This was the most hilarious moment whereby we laughed ourself out. We separated to 2 rounds and im the second round. After the first round fell down from the boat near the shore,they climbed up bac to the banana boat. And now's the classic moment: Tharan was climbing up to the boat, after he got himself up, he fell down to the sea AGAIN. Wahahaha. We all kept laughing at him expecially Teresa. After the first round, here's our turn. Teresa was the "leader" of us to give us commands where to move our body to prevent us from falling into the sea. I'm the third person and Qiu Yan was in front of me. She's so nervous and kept yelling at Teresa not to say hi to our fren at the beach, And bla bla bla... Hahaha.. Qiu Yan, u're so cute!!! And then the another classic moment happened right after we fell down from the boat. Eveybody climbed up the boat again for the second-fall right, so Teresa fell down right after a seconds she climbed up to the banana boat!!! Wahahaha... damn funny u know... :D

We had dinner in a seafood restaurant. It's a great dinner. Due to our tiredness, me and my buddies slept quite earlier that nite, i mean our last nite in Pangkor. Too bad din't get to join the "angels and demons" game them. Bet u guys had a great nite cos it sounds really fun. The last morning we woke up really early and went to kayaking. There were 4 of us - me, teresa, billy and ah sun. I must say it was a great experience. Cos i got a sunburn again, had a nice time on the boat - smacked by the paddle twice!! (thanks to uncle billy)

Anyhow, i missed the beach so much!! Can't wait the trip to Perhentian!! Must save as much as i can to get there XD.. And i've promised myself to get a nice tan for my island-getaway next time!! (must get the golden tanning oil!!) :D

nice seaside view

like this pic really much

on the way to snorkelling

posing with Teresa

Billy's acting cool

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Anonymous said...

it was really great trip right..

cheers to qiuyan and sheehleey...

and u missed out the fun of angel and demons... we shall play it next time as everyone likes it and tharan is looking for his revenge getting kicked out early in every game...

post more pics la:P