Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thank you

Thank you my friends, for:
  • listening to me when i was helpless. U guys make me feel that i'm not alone.
  • giving me alot of advice and i really apreciate it.
  • spending time with me, chatting with me.
  • watching movie with me.
  • treating me nice foods :)
  • listening to my awful singing in an enclosed spaces... sorry my friends. But it makes me feel better.
  • telling me tons of jokes and keep making fun of me which make me laugh. Yea, at least i laugh.
  • keep supporting me.
  • lepak-ing with me.
  • doing nothing but just sitting beside of me.
U guys are really sweet. Don't worry bout me. I'll get it through and live my life to the best :)
Thank you. *huggies*

p/s: thank you my dearest mummy for giving me endless support. don't worry bout me. I'll take a good care of myself. And for someone: I'll study hard and will not giving up for my life.. don't worry. take care.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i am sorry that i did nothing for you..

anyway, if u need any help, i will be there to help you

life is full of up and down, things will be allright soon