Sunday, November 05, 2006


Honestly, i've never cried so much in my 20-years-of-life.
The amount of tears that i had last nite were greater than the tears that i had in the past 20 years.
Must be alot huh. yea. U bet.

I've cried woefully when i closed my eyes. Cos can't stop thinking of him, the precious time that we've spent together in the past few years, what he had done to me which made me so happy just like the best princess in the world, what he cooked for me, the butter cake, the hugs, the kisses, and so many unstated matters. And think about how he used to be so caring so adorable so loving...
And think about how much i loved him, how deep it is. But, it's just too lil' too late.

So, i didn't sleep for the whole nite, just crying and figuring out. I stopped crying for bout 1 min, then i cried again, and it continued over and over again.


Anonymous said...

wow.. chill out my friend, save those tears for the future :p !! and i'm really sorry to hear about things that happened to u .. so, live life to the very best.. take good care

-your friend-

Anonymous said...

cry if u want to, let your feelings out

then get on with new life and cherish the past

smile that it has happened instead of cry because it ended.