Thursday, November 30, 2006


Imagine u:
  • Sleep at 4am, wake up at 8.30am. Can't sleep well.
  • Sitting at hb3 for the whole morning for selling stuff. (cyberp assignment) The weather is hot, u have to keep layaning the ppl and u r craving for ice cold water.
  • Having class after this. No break in between.
  • Not taking ur lunch while u hav gastric. (luckily got some biscuits)
  • Rushing to the stall right after u class.
  • Looking after the stall just by urself which u dunno some of the price basically.
  • Staying at the stall until 6pm and the time flows so slowly.
  • Bac at hostel having biscuits again for ur dinner.
  • Class AGAIN.
  • Bac to room, can't sleep cos hav to stay up to revise tomorrow's japs test.
Ur face will be like this:

And u r so exhausted.

This is wat i am now.
And i miss u so much right here right now...
Ur voice, ur face, everything...
Wondering hav u ever missed me?
Though i know i'll probably never know the answer...

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Anonymous said...

i was here...:P

no comment:P