Thursday, November 23, 2006

Craze day

Alrite... take a DEEP breath... Okay, let's get started. I thought today will be a nice day since my diarrhoea was better compared with yesterday. But... hey... I was wrong!!

First, I've taken some protein shake as my breakfast. Thinking of losing my weight, so I didn't take my lunch. But then after my class, I went to Alamanda with my fren to have something done. SOoo, I've eaten a cinnabon AND also 2/5 of a whole honey roasted chicken!!! Hell.... ended up eating so much things... Zzz... Can't walking in the mall that is fulled with mouth-watering foods!!

After got bac, went jogging with my fren. It's a "pretty good" experience though. Imagine: ur stomach is occupying with some stuff, u're breathless after 10 min, and rain pours down after that. *Great*

The rain wasn't really heavy actually. So we continued our running. I felt SuperDuper tired after finally got myself at Cyberpark. The latter part i have no idea how i can make myself bac to campus---> had stomachache and twisted one of my leg :((

Had a shower after that, then straight away head to class WITHOUT taking my dinner. The result is --- gastric, gastric and gastric even i had my dinner after my class.

AND.... tomorrow I'll be having my microeconomic's quiz!!! OMG.........

I'm SOooo not happy now. Someone cheer me up pls?! :D

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

come on, cheer up!!!

errr...looking for ur own troubles, already had ur problem with ur stomach and still skipping lunch and dinner.... what are u gals thinking?

better take care and plan for good BBQ nite to get fat:)