Saturday, November 25, 2006

Casino Royale

Album: James Morrison - Undiscovered

I've watched the just-an-ordinary-JamesBond movie with my frens. I mean it's an ordinary Bond movie - very commercialised, err... though the James Bond itself is not an ordinary one lol. Is ok if Daniel Craig is white (really white), is ok if he's not as macho as the previous Bond - Pierre Brosnan, is ok if he's not hairy as the previous James Bond were, is ok if he's short, is ok if he's keep acting cool... I mean I'M OKAY with it though he's actually abit weirdo lookin. IT'S OKAY after all cos i prefer to swift my attention to Vesper Lynd (starring by Eva Green), lookin at the beautiful cars (vintage Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ford etc.) and the marvellous scenery of Venice and some unknown castle-like builiding which surrounding by excuisite-looking lake.
No offended for saying so :))

Yea.. i prefer this (Eva Green)...

and this vintage-looking Aston Martin...

or even the bad guy Le Chiffre in the movie (Mads Mikkelsen, tot he's cool :D)

but not this :p


Anonymous said...

i have never watced bond before in my life:P

also never waych LOTR, X-Men and Matrix...but i did study matrix before:P

the movie does not appear to be attractive to me:P


Anonymous said...

'Battle Royale!!!!' from accepted:P