Thursday, September 28, 2006


I think i fell in love with caffein.
Though i'll not feeling well everytime after i drink it,
but i just cant help of drinking it.

Went to The Curve's Borders with friends,
Ordered a hot mocha,
reminding me of my best friend in my secondary school,
sitting in a corner all by myself,
reading the notes,
browsing through the magazines...
wad a lazy wednesday nite...

P/S: Im gonna die soon cos of last-minutes studying...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

fully loaded

Im so fully loaded now.
I mean my stomach.
My stomach is fully loaded with foods.
It's 1.20am now,
and i was just bac from supper,
so i had taken 5 meals today.
Can't control myself from eating junk food.
God, pls help me. Cry*

Saturday, September 23, 2006

miami vice

Thought this movie may be not bad. So, went times square with my bf for the movie. But i thk i was wrong, right after the movie had started.

Though colin was "man" enough, but im not really into that kinda "man", and im not impressed by his "misai" after all.

But Gong Li was so gorgeous though she had become older. She was so sexy in the movie. Make me want to start my exercise schedule right now :p Her hot OL look turned me on... arghh... wat i should do to look as the same as her??


Friday, September 22, 2006

"lovely" night

Not sleeping for the whole nite isn't great at all especially cos of those bloody assignment. Now, i've found out it's pretty scary actually if u r sitting at the library foyer for the whole nite, doin the bloody assignment.

First, u can hardly find a place to charge up ur laptop cos it's full with ppl who are using the plug too. Second, there are lotsa lotsa mosquitoes waiting for u there n they'll kiss ur body again n again and finally u'll get really crazy. Next, sitting with a im-so-sick fren. U'll get affected by ur fren if he/she is under a very "critical condition"... sneezing around, coughing non-stoply... and the nex morning u'll be same as him/her. If u r goin to the toilet, Be the crocoaches will be watched out on u...(Cold*) And u have to prepare a jacket as the weather cant be predicted. U'll be freezing through out the nite if it's raining and the wind is getting stronger and stronger...

Finally, u've got sick. Great*

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

look what u've done

Have u ever had this feeling, u wanna control ur diet so much, but u ended up with eating more than u used to. U wanna keep those killing-u-faster food away from ur sight, but ur hand just cant help touching them and putting them in ur mouth. Everytime after u did so, u'll feel guilty n keep blaming urself. But, it'll happen all over again after all.

After some time, u've mentioned there are an increase in ur weight lil' by lil', day by day. Then u've started to seek someone for help by asking them how to look thinner. U even have decided to carry out some carbo n stretches in order to look fitter. But in reality, u'll be sleeping in ur lovely bed every early in the morning, refuse to be awake... Or u'll find some other reasons not to go for jogging in the evening...:p

In the end of the day, u'll be amazed by the fat tissues that lie underneath ur body expecially ur tummy, and u'll be sreaming n yelling n even crying...

And so, the statement that i've mentioned above will be happened all over again. Not to mention the ppl around u will be sick by listening to ur crap everyday. So, u really have to do something if not u'll become a big fat slob very soon...

Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm back...

It seems like it's been a long time i didn't keep my blog updated. Pls not to be mistaken that i'm lazy, i was just busying with my assignment and quizzes...:p Lotsa things had happened this week and it turned me upside down. Cos of some reasons, i told lie to my bf and at last he found out the truth (oOps)... As u know, we had a fight then. I was really sad and regret on wat i had done and i told him wat i was thinking about. After few days, he was okay with me and started to chat "willingly"with me too...hehe...(phew..)

After this phenomenon, here comes the bloody assignment. I couldn't have a good sleep on those few days and my brain was hollow...There was nothing inside... After struggling with the ideas, my lil' assignment born finally. u thk that i could sleep erlier after this? Nonono... cos the nite right after i handed my assignment to my tutor, i had to help my fren out with her assignment cos she was helping me when i was struggling with my assignment. And since i was pretty free so i gotta help her out. Wad a tiring day...

Tuesday...It's a suprising day actually. Here's the story... i was bit disappointed when i heard my fren that she cant join me for dinner and i had to dig my another good fren out to have dinner with me. We went Alamanda and ended up with this: he was looking at me eating a so-called prawn mee with an empty mouth. was quite embarrassing as i'm not used to eat alone and kept "staring" by After the dinner, i went to my club's meeting and felt a lil' bit "sad" cos no one celebrate my bday with me...haiz... And so the moment i saw my fren switch off the light, and my two best frens, Teresa and Billy appeared on the other side of the door, with a cake on teresa's hands, i was sOoo shocked. Nothing could described my feeling on that moment except happy. We guys had a really good time that nite cos some of them kept "buli" me with the cream and my face nearly "damaged" by the smelly cream (watch out billy and chee Fun and memorable nite...:) Thank you, frens...

The next afternoon i had lunch with a bunch of my frens at KFC. Haha...guess wad...i had finished all my money cos i'd "belanja" all of them...erm...gotta tighten my expenditure then...:p
would someone donate me some $$?? lol... Right then, i went out with my dear to celebrate my bday. we went KLCC and he bought me a bracelet and a bag. I lurve them expecially the bracelet!! :p We had our dinner in jap restaurant and we chat happily like we used to be. Hopefully i could spent my every single bday with him... You're the man, han...

Bac to reality. was a disaster. First, my roommate had a cut by my knife. She used the knife to cut something but she cut her hand instead. :p Then, my car was driven by my fren n he din noticed that a car was coming n...."doom"... Luckily, it din paralyzed...

Hopefully my strength is good enough to handle everything.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


after a long haul night (it's juz 12:30am) , finally i've done my assignment. But the stupid microsoft words suddenly stucked and didn't have any reponse. Arghhhh....this happened right before i decided to send my presentation slides to my group leader. Honestly, i hate this pc cos it always lack everytime when im using it...ish ish...

And my grandma's condition haven't had any improvement yet. It's even worse compare with the time that she just fell down. Her brain got a pretty huge internal blood-clotting since the accident. Doctor said that she cant bear to have an operation and so we just have to let it be and see what we could do then. Few days after, she looked much more better and can recognized us as well. But then, she fell down again as she was walking around in the car porch. Her condition become worsen and she cant recognized any of us now. She just keep mumbling and even yelling at us whenever she feels unhappy. She's act like a small kid now. And now, she can't walk anymore as she has no energy to do so. Looking at her now making me really sad. She's really having a tough time now and i do hope her will get well soon. May god bless u, grandma...

Friday, September 01, 2006

love me, love me not?

I've watched the break-up yesterday.
the movie is really something..
and it makes me keep thinking about what love is.

Love.. is all about understanding,
u need to be understanding in ur partner's feeling,
and not just understand urs,
cos we need to share our thoughts in love together,
we can't be self-centered.

Love.. is all about caring,
not just everyday playing games,
hanging out with your buddies,
but u have to spent time together and care about each other.

U need to give some flowers for ur love one sometime,
cos every gal loves flowers actually.

To be a couple,
both of u have to trust in each other really well,
keep supporting her/him.
Sometimes, gals just having some platonic friendship with their guy friends,
and they never thinking of something alse.
so guys, keep in mind..
to not to fight with ur gf about their so-called close guy friends,
cos they are really nothing compare with u,
and the most important thing is..
she really loves u...