Friday, September 01, 2006

love me, love me not?

I've watched the break-up yesterday.
the movie is really something..
and it makes me keep thinking about what love is.

Love.. is all about understanding,
u need to be understanding in ur partner's feeling,
and not just understand urs,
cos we need to share our thoughts in love together,
we can't be self-centered.

Love.. is all about caring,
not just everyday playing games,
hanging out with your buddies,
but u have to spent time together and care about each other.

U need to give some flowers for ur love one sometime,
cos every gal loves flowers actually.

To be a couple,
both of u have to trust in each other really well,
keep supporting her/him.
Sometimes, gals just having some platonic friendship with their guy friends,
and they never thinking of something alse.
so guys, keep in mind..
to not to fight with ur gf about their so-called close guy friends,
cos they are really nothing compare with u,
and the most important thing is..
she really loves u...

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m!lk_w@y said...

impressive post..with alot of hidden meaning inside... hope it got to the intended person:P