Friday, September 22, 2006

"lovely" night

Not sleeping for the whole nite isn't great at all especially cos of those bloody assignment. Now, i've found out it's pretty scary actually if u r sitting at the library foyer for the whole nite, doin the bloody assignment.

First, u can hardly find a place to charge up ur laptop cos it's full with ppl who are using the plug too. Second, there are lotsa lotsa mosquitoes waiting for u there n they'll kiss ur body again n again and finally u'll get really crazy. Next, sitting with a im-so-sick fren. U'll get affected by ur fren if he/she is under a very "critical condition"... sneezing around, coughing non-stoply... and the nex morning u'll be same as him/her. If u r goin to the toilet, Be the crocoaches will be watched out on u...(Cold*) And u have to prepare a jacket as the weather cant be predicted. U'll be freezing through out the nite if it's raining and the wind is getting stronger and stronger...

Finally, u've got sick. Great*


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Anonymous said...

yo,tats d life of wat we used 2 call 'uni life'......b tough n get over it..haha..anyway,its glad 2 c u doin alrite in u...all d best!

m!lk_w@y said...

Finally, u've got sick. Great*

great sentence....make me laugh