Saturday, May 31, 2008

No salvation

It's awful for being alone when you see supposedly lovely couples hanging around you. I said supposedly because in the end of the day, those lovey dovey couples will be all happy but not you. Being in a relationship is wonderful when you meet a right person; but it's not that wonderful and sweet anymore when both of you couldn't spend a single time together side by side. Chatting via Skype may help, but not as much as you seeing him/ her in person. Sometimes I just don't know what to do until I can't held up anymore. At least I have my pillow; it is a great place to cry on.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Puffs and tarts

The picture has nothing to do with the title...

This is what I've got after walking in cheapie heels for 6 hours (of running errands and visiting book fest)... It was so torturing I couldn't walk anymore. Yes, I hate the shoes for hurting me but I didn't throw it away because I still like it. So I have been staying home and cleaning up my wardrobe. At last it's all neat now :)

Will my legs still be functioning after 3 months of working? Hmm.. let's see... Oh ya, I need to wake up 10 minutes earlier every morning to wear my color contacts on. Hmm...

I think it's possible for me to drive all the way to PJ to buy a Beard Papa's vanila cream puff tomorrow.. still craving over it... Now, J-Co Donuts just added to my list. Well, I should stop eating these fattening pastry/donuts already because I just had two yummy handmade fruit tart this evening :/

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Red Thread

The clock is almost hitting 12. It marks the forth day of my holiday which means Friday is my last day enjoying it. Starting next week, I will be doing my internship (well, boring 8-5 working hours) while mostly everyone still enjoying their "sweet escape". Monday was my best stay-at-home day ever; I'd been watching Sex and the City season 6 (alas sorry for the slowness) since after taking my lunch. It was really fun watching how some typical Manhattan girls messing up with random guys. lol. I hate running errands especially in this hitting-40-degrees kinda weather. Yesterday after finished running errands, I drove to KLCC to meet up with SC and thought of sipping some iced cold latte. I didn't drink latte but ended up eating some nice sliced beef rice. We went to the book fest which held in KL Convention Centre as SC wanted to attend a talk by a famous writer from Taiwan - Jiu Ba Dao (also named as Giddens).

The talk was funny and interesting; Giddens was so humor everyone could not stop laughing at his jokes. I could have left after listening to his talk but I didn't. Instead, I queued up for getting his signature signed on the book which I asked SC to grab for me (got to buy The Red Thread because all others I wanted to buy were out of stock) while I was busy queuing up. (crazy me rite? so strange getting attached to his work without having really known him in the first place.) Anyways, we finally got his signature after queuing for 1 hours. (crazy crowd!) He's cute..with the humor and all..

Today no more errands to run but had an appointment.

what I wore today; a fluffy lacey top paired with a fierce-printing top.

Having non-stop craving over Beard Papa's Cream Puff, of course I couldn't resist the temptation when I passing by the shop (ehem.. should be purposely passing by...) On a random note, I think I can write a "How to successfully consume a cream puff while driving safely" guide. lol.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy holiday, everyone!

Yay. Here I am posting something again. I have finally done with my exam! I should be happy now right? Well oh well, after all the memorizing (don't ask me why because shit, I took 7 subjects this sem) and the complaining (which I shouldn't be)....

Memorizing is the best part of all, when your head is packed with tissues and membranes which have reached its saturation limit... (ah, pardon the lame scientific description.. four years of science-studying seems not helping me at all...)

Btw, thanks for the comments; they made my day! (actually got a bit shock when reading through them...and only found out there's actually people reading my blog.. and responding to it...)

Anyways, I have so many things I wanted to write about; but somehow the situation doesn't allow me to. (and I'm sure you won't bother too..)

After feeling much urge to get myself busy with something, I watched A Walk to Remember.

Quite an old film; but I love the storyline because the love between them was so simple and true yet so beautiful. It proved something: There's more to attraction than meets the eye.

It . was . truly . amazing .

*throwing a stash of used tissues into dustbin..*

Aww... Shane West!! He has the most gorgeous eyes!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

The mark has been made

Words could be pleasant, but also could bring a huge destruction whenever it sounds harsh in ones ear. When the mark has been made, people can not simply rewind everything and the scar will be there no matter what kind of excuse/apology you give. What if the weakness of you pointed out by others, can not be fixed forever - no matter how hard you've tried? And the worst part of all, when all these words hit SO hard on you and you thought your remaining tiny piece of your pride has just been smashed into NOTHING?

Well, it's just a random thought of mine during this odd times. (the non-stop studying schedule has been driving me a little crazy.)


I don't mean to make my blog sounds so pessimistic, although it has becoming like one. First final paper is on tomorrow, which means no posting for these 2 weeks; if I were to write something on, I hope it's a cheerful-and-happy post. =)

I'm trying to bear with it.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

What am I to you? *in the midst of confusion

Sometime, song is the best way of telling random things running in one's mind.

= = = = =

By Norah Jones**

What am I to you
Tell me darling true
To me you are the sea
Vast as you can be
And deep the shade of blue

When you're feeling low
To whom else do you go
See I cry if you hurt
I'd give you my last shirt
Because I love you so

If my sky should fall
Would you even call
Opened up my heart
I never want to part
I'm giving you the ball

When I look in your eyes
I can feel the butterflies
I love you when you're blue
Tell me darlin true
What am I to you

Yah well if my sky should fall
Would you even call
Opened up my heart
Never want to part
I'm giving you the ball

When I look in your eyes
I can feel the butterflies
Could you find a love in me
Could you carve me in a tree
Don't fill my heart with lies

I will you love when you're blue
Tell me darlin true
What am I to you
What am I to you
What am I to you