Saturday, May 10, 2008

The mark has been made

Words could be pleasant, but also could bring a huge destruction whenever it sounds harsh in ones ear. When the mark has been made, people can not simply rewind everything and the scar will be there no matter what kind of excuse/apology you give. What if the weakness of you pointed out by others, can not be fixed forever - no matter how hard you've tried? And the worst part of all, when all these words hit SO hard on you and you thought your remaining tiny piece of your pride has just been smashed into NOTHING?

Well, it's just a random thought of mine during this odd times. (the non-stop studying schedule has been driving me a little crazy.)


I don't mean to make my blog sounds so pessimistic, although it has becoming like one. First final paper is on tomorrow, which means no posting for these 2 weeks; if I were to write something on, I hope it's a cheerful-and-happy post. =)

I'm trying to bear with it.


GMG said...

Will be waiting for the happy post that surely will come out soon!Meanwhile, there is Casablanca at Blogtrotter, should you wish to make a deserved break!
Hope you have a great week!

Mandy said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. If words hurt you then you need time to heal. But don't let the wound fester. If they had some truth and were not said with malice then find a way forward; if said with malice then try and ignore them.

love from mandy

Peter said...

Don't forget to forgive! Don't expect to be forgiven! You may have to forgive those who don't forgive you! (This becomes complicated.)

... in the meantime, you are forgiven for not posting. Studies are a good excuse!

Emily Lin said...

Thanks for the sweet comments guys! :) I'm fine now.. just sick with the studies... I'll be back very soon! (probably today if the bloody monster which been bugging around my head haunted me again.

Wannabe Economist said...

You'll be alrite! will wait for you to come back.

GMG said...

Bring us that happy post we are looking for... and let Peter complicate things... ;)))

Peter said...

Studies are a good excuse, but not for ever!

Wannabe Economist said...

Come back come back. =)