Thursday, May 29, 2008

Puffs and tarts

The picture has nothing to do with the title...

This is what I've got after walking in cheapie heels for 6 hours (of running errands and visiting book fest)... It was so torturing I couldn't walk anymore. Yes, I hate the shoes for hurting me but I didn't throw it away because I still like it. So I have been staying home and cleaning up my wardrobe. At last it's all neat now :)

Will my legs still be functioning after 3 months of working? Hmm.. let's see... Oh ya, I need to wake up 10 minutes earlier every morning to wear my color contacts on. Hmm...

I think it's possible for me to drive all the way to PJ to buy a Beard Papa's vanila cream puff tomorrow.. still craving over it... Now, J-Co Donuts just added to my list. Well, I should stop eating these fattening pastry/donuts already because I just had two yummy handmade fruit tart this evening :/

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Peter said...

Poor girls and ladies who still prefer to wear nice looking shoes rather than looking for the comfort. Will they ever learn to make and create a fashion of comfortable nice looking shoes for ladies? (Shoes is one of (the few) reasons I feel quite happy to be a man.) Take care of your nice little feet and enjoy the weekend before next week's challenges!