Saturday, May 31, 2008

No salvation

It's awful for being alone when you see supposedly lovely couples hanging around you. I said supposedly because in the end of the day, those lovey dovey couples will be all happy but not you. Being in a relationship is wonderful when you meet a right person; but it's not that wonderful and sweet anymore when both of you couldn't spend a single time together side by side. Chatting via Skype may help, but not as much as you seeing him/ her in person. Sometimes I just don't know what to do until I can't held up anymore. At least I have my pillow; it is a great place to cry on.


GMG said...

Hi Emily! Better days will come, don't worry... ;))
Sorry for the speedy visit! I’ve been busy the whole last week and will be out in the next, so this is far less than your blog deserves… ;(( But I promise I’ll come back with more time after June 10th, at least…
However, to avoid leaving you deserted, I published a last post on Marrakesh 2006 at Blogtrotter. Enjoy!

Mandy said...

do not envy
the couples happiness
they will share sorrows too
you though alone
are still loved from afar

love from mandy

Peter said...

Poor girl, do you sleep on a wet pillow? :-)