Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Red Thread

The clock is almost hitting 12. It marks the forth day of my holiday which means Friday is my last day enjoying it. Starting next week, I will be doing my internship (well, boring 8-5 working hours) while mostly everyone still enjoying their "sweet escape". Monday was my best stay-at-home day ever; I'd been watching Sex and the City season 6 (alas sorry for the slowness) since after taking my lunch. It was really fun watching how some typical Manhattan girls messing up with random guys. lol. I hate running errands especially in this hitting-40-degrees kinda weather. Yesterday after finished running errands, I drove to KLCC to meet up with SC and thought of sipping some iced cold latte. I didn't drink latte but ended up eating some nice sliced beef rice. We went to the book fest which held in KL Convention Centre as SC wanted to attend a talk by a famous writer from Taiwan - Jiu Ba Dao (also named as Giddens).

The talk was funny and interesting; Giddens was so humor everyone could not stop laughing at his jokes. I could have left after listening to his talk but I didn't. Instead, I queued up for getting his signature signed on the book which I asked SC to grab for me (got to buy The Red Thread because all others I wanted to buy were out of stock) while I was busy queuing up. (crazy me rite? so strange getting attached to his work without having really known him in the first place.) Anyways, we finally got his signature after queuing for 1 hours. (crazy crowd!) He's cute..with the humor and all..

Today no more errands to run but had an appointment.

what I wore today; a fluffy lacey top paired with a fierce-printing top.

Having non-stop craving over Beard Papa's Cream Puff, of course I couldn't resist the temptation when I passing by the shop (ehem.. should be purposely passing by...) On a random note, I think I can write a "How to successfully consume a cream puff while driving safely" guide. lol.

currently listening: Switchfoot - You


Wannabe Economist said...

Emily! This is the best November Rain solo cover I found on youtube =P

Emily Lin said...

OMG!It's so Slash!!! Thanks so much for the link, WE!! =))))

Peter said...

Happy to see you have time for relaxing again - for a while! Enjoy it!