Sunday, November 05, 2006


Honestly, i'm totally helpless now. The Thing that im not wishing to happen The Most has happened. Yea. U Know what i'm talking rite??

I had never cried so hard for my life. NEVER. And it's damn so PAIN.

Think i'd heard the breaking sound of my heart.

But it's just the beginning of my life. It's the beginning of my life to let me stand on my own, to become more mature, to figure out what i want, to learn to be more responsible, and to love myself before i could love anybody else.

U have to really feel how pain is when u really fall down, though it really HURT, but this is the way that u can learn to grow up, to become more mature.


Dear my beloved,

I love u SO much. U know it. If it's the best way to let u feel better, i'll do it. So now, what is left for me to do is to stay away from u, to let u alone. Sorry cos i've made u so suffered on what i've done. But maybe like what u've said, it's the time to let us continue our life of our own, it's no use to continue on "us" if the probs were still there. Don't worry, i'll stand on my own and continue on with my life. I'll be responsible to myself. And Thank You. Cos u have bring so much happiness into my life, and let me know what's the colour rainbow has. And u let me realize that i could love a person that much. U might care or might not, but i do hope that u'll be smiling when u think back on whatever we hav done together happilly. Lastly, REMEMBER those things that i've told u before i hung up the phone. Just pls don't forget.


Can't sleep. Blogging is the best thing that i could do now. ahh.. feel much better after this. And thanks to my dear gf shou mei. Thanks for ur listening and ur comforting. Not to mention, my lovely sis is the Best-Ever-Sista-In-The-World. Feel so touched after received ur msg. *huggies*

"To get through this" is the thing that i could do now.


Anonymous said...

take care

Anonymous said...

kinda say that it has to be ended in this way, but life goes on

take good care and cheer up