Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Too bored. So here's my new layout again... :)
Got it from blogskins... i thk it's quite nice gua.

Currently been watching j-drama. Dr Kotos Clinic is a nice drama thou. Shibasaki Kou is so stunning with her short hair look and her excellent acting. On the other hand, another drama which is very interesting and hilarious - Nodame Cantabile. It's a comedy and the story is related to classical music. Damn funny, i must say. This drama is my favourite among the dramas im watching currently. Ueno Juri ALSO with a short hair look which is really pretty. Even Ai Oisuka ALSO cut her hair short!! Wondering why is so many japs actress cut their hair short. Maybe it's a trend now in Jap. Have a thought in my mind too - cut my hair short short... but im scared O.o

Anyway, there's few new-released j-dramas which worth a watch, and u can review the ranting of them in half-banana's blog.

Omg omg... result is out now... *sweats*
Gotta stop here...

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