Sunday, October 22, 2006


Today (should be considered as yesterday--its 3am now in da morning) went The Curve with my frens. I've not seen suet yee for quite a long time (n now she's back from sarawak for holidays) and have not met half-banana, shou mei, and hui wen for... I thk its 2 or 3 months? So we decided to have an outing together, five of us.. which was nice :)

We reached Cineplex at 11am n we had our movie which started 10min right after we reached ther.. quite a rush.. But since we wanna finish it earlier... so.. Anyway, we watched the World Trade Centre. Nicholas Cage was awesome as always n its a touchful movie though.. *teary eyed* Had learned something from the movie: we must try to help the ppl around us, we must try to giv n take, we must tell our loved one that we love 'em.. n if u've not done this before, pls do this NOW. Tell the ppl that u love so much:" i love ya.." If not, maybe u'll feel regret someday.

It's time for lunch after the movie-hour. We lepak from the Cineplex to The Curve n had not decided wat to eat -.-" Actually wanna try shabu shabu which is just newly opening but no ppl inside... quite scary :p Anyway, had lunch in Toh-kun (if i not mistaken) afterthat.. Ordered a curry rice.. ish.. Never tried this kinda curry rice before. Just a few "slices" of pork inside with the curry. It's slices but not pieces.. so its REALLY TINY.. and it's even more expensive than the katsu don which hav a big pork chop!! Not fair le.. and the miso soup is YUKsss.. not nice at all.. some weird taste in it.. Wat the... I swear i'll never go there again! ever! Despite the food thingy, we had a great time there.. we chat, laugh.. was so much fun :p

Had a walk after our meal. Went Borders n had some browse-through. Noticed a book.. The Ultimate Workout Book.. It has all kinda workout which is simple to do.. even included yoga n some pilates as well.. Looks like it gonna help me a lot--->if i buy it =D Have to save lotsa pocket money then though it sounds Impossible :p

Ate Baskin-robbins on our way bac to Cineplex.. rasberry cheesecake ice-cream with some graham nuts in it... yummy... but have to REALLY start my workout now!! Let's get started~

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m!lk_w@y said...

will take note toh-kun:P

gals really got things to do, can just go shopping complex when free