Saturday, October 28, 2006


Woke up as usual in the afternoon. Had my lunch which was nice. Nothing special happened. Then watched greys anatomy season one which im still watchin since few days ago. Meredith is SO gorgeous, her voice is SO nice (sexy), her eyes is SO stunning!! Im SO into Greys Anatomy!! Speaking of other characters in GA, i like George too. I mean he's so cute, clumsy when he's with Meredith... Haa.. Wanna dl Gilmore Girls as well but my hardisk is so full! dammit... Gotta buy a portable one so i can dl all of them :D Haven't dl the latest ep 4 & 5 of Gilmore Gilrls.. miss 'em... Lorelai, Rory... i'll meet u gals very very soon. And Alexie, don't forget wat u've said ya :p

Wanna continue my devil wears prada book-reading too. But am not free currently. Will read it during my free time (lookin to the ceiling, lying on the bed, wondering wat i wan to do, feeling damn boring...)

Saturday... im wondering if there's any saturday-nite-girls'-outing later on :D

watching GA while eating this so yummy-looking strawberries

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