Saturday, October 28, 2006


Yesterday was friday, 28th. Not 13th. So i supposed it was a good day. Went 1u with my bf and we had a movie, operation undercover. Not bad though. At least it's better than the previous Hong Kong gangster movie. We had lunch at japs restaurant. Ordered agedashi tofu which is my all time favourite, and chicken teriyaki. He had a gekikara ramen and i had a curry rice (coz felt not fulfilled by the curry rice that i had at ton chan (i spelled wrongly on previous post-toh kun). The tofu was nice, n the chicken, n the curry... but we cant finish it coz we were too full. After lunch, we went on a shopping spree. Bought a jeans at Topshop, then a green tight shirt at Miss Selfridges which both got a 10% off (membercard), then a shoes at Nose, and a 30% off ck jeans which is new arrival. Like I thk it's ok coz i've not shopping for quite some time :p

p/s: go CK with ur frens, buy 5 pieces of jeans or clothing and u'll get 50% off for each of them! (1 pieces for 10%, 2 for 20% and so on until 50% off)

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